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The Highland Kingdom (ハイランド王国, Highland Ōkoku) is an aristocratic imperial nation that existed from SY 237 until SY 460. It is located on the north-east coast of Dunan.

An incredibly devastating war with the New State Army, combined with internal conflicts, left the Highland Kingdom without a king. Left without any ruler and the nation overtaken by the New State Army, Highland's territories were incorporated into the Dunan Republic as the Higheast Province.


Flag of Highland

Flag of Highland

237: Foundation

Following the Harmonian Civil War, the Harmonian noble who crushed the rebellions Maroux Blight was granted a considerable amount of land in eastern Dunan and so he went about founding the Highland Kingdom which handily provided a comfortable buffer area between Harmonia and Dunan. Maroux Blight was a loyal man and so the new Kingdom traditionally kept very close ties with its northern neighbour. It seems that Harmonia, on the other hand, considered Highland to be little more than a vassal state.

252-314: Dunan Kingdom conflicts

Shortly after its foundation, the ambitious Highland quickly turned its attention to the Dunan region, building its forces along the border of what was then the Kingdom of Dunan. Finally, in 252, when the Dunan Kingdom collapsed, Highland invaded modern-day East Muse. However, the forces of South Window City, having already overthrown the Dunan monarchy, managed to push the Highland Army back, liberating the region.

Border disputes between the regions of Dunan and Highland were frequent, leading the Dunan city-states to form the City-States of Jowston in 314. Skirmishes continued between Highland and the members of the Jowston Alliance but outright war was not declared.

365: Arrival of the Beast Rune

In 365, L'Renouille Palace was built in the center of the Highland capital city, L'Renouille. The palace became the permanent residence for the Blight Royal Family. The Beast Rune, previously enshrined within Harmonia, mysteriously moved its location to the palace of its own will. Harmonia calmed the situation by claiming that the Beast Rune had been given to the Highland Royal Family as a gift.

428-434: War with the Jowston Alliance

Eventually, in the year 428, Highland finally moved against Jowston. The Highland 1st Army was ordered to battle by King Robert Blight. Due to Jowston's poor leadership, Muse, Matilda Knightdom and Greenhill quickly fell under Highland rule, seemingly ending the Highland-Jowston War within months. However, the guerilla tactics of the remaining Jowston forces dragged out the war until 432 when the 'Great Offensive' was launched which wrestled back control of the occupied regions from Highland.

In 434, with the rise of Agares Blight to the throne, a truce was agreed between the two nations. However, a stumbling block in negotiations was Kyaro Town, which Muse maintained lay within their territory. A duel between Muse General, Genkaku, and Highland 1st Army General, Han Cunningham, to decide the fate of Kyaro. When Cunningham won the duel by forfeit, Kyaro came under possession of Highland and the war was over.

443-460: Border skirmishes

Border skirmishes flared up once more between the two nations following an attack on a Highland royal entourage close to the Jowston border in 443 which was discovered to have been plotted by Mayor Darel. During this heinous attack, Agares Blight managed to escape but Queen Sara and Prince Luca were taken hostage. Agares Blight alerted the palace and the ruffians were driven off. However, the experience drove the young Prince insane, filling him with a great sense of hatred towards both Jowston and his father.

460: Expansion and fall

Mayor Anabelle of Muse forged a cease fire between Jowston and Highland. However, in 460, Prince Luca ordered the invasion of Jowston under the pretense of a Jowston attack on a Unicorn Youth Brigade.

East Muse was quickly and quietly sacked by Highland forces, the towns of Toto and Ryube being completely pillaged and destroyed, leading the majority of representatives on Jowston to dismiss the incident as the work of bandits. However, when West Muse was directly invaded by the Highland army, further help was not forthcoming from the majority of City-States and Anabelle, the Mayor of Muse was assassinated causing the fall of Muse to Highland forces.

The Highland Army quickly took South Window and Greenhill also and it seemed like the war would be over within weeks due to the fractured nature of the former City-States. However, the formation of the New City-State Army at North Window formed a resistance movement that grew into an army powerful enough to take on the Highland forces in open warfare.

As the Dunan Unification War dragged on, Highland's resources became stretched, allowing the New State Army to push back the occupying forces. A short-lived alliance with Harmonia did nothing to help the situation when the Harmonian officers returned home following one battle. The Kingdom also secured an alliance with the Karaya Clan of the Grasslands, hoping to use their units to pincer the New City-State troops.

Muse was eventually taken back by the New City-State Army following the death of Luca Blight and the accession of Jowy Atreides-Blight to the throne. However, Muse was a different place following its recapture. Luca Blight had sacrificed many of the citizens to the Beast Rune.

Eventually, the momentum of the war had changed completely and by late 460, Highland forces and Karayan allies were united at L'Renouille in a desperate final stand to preserve their own nation at the Battle of L'Renouille. However, their army was defeated and after the subduing of an incarnation of the Beast Rune, L'Renouille, and by extension the entire Highland Kingdom had fallen.

Following the Dunan Unification War, Highland was absorbed into the new Dunan Republic. The Kingdom was renamed Higheast Province and its former capital city became known as Higheast City.


The nation has a royal family and a king. The King has complete control over all aspects of the country; his rule is absolute. The position of King is hereditary, passing from father to son. However, if no male relatives are alive, the Princess of the country may marry and her husband shall become King.


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