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Map of the Holy Kingdom of Harmonia

The Holy Kingdom of Harmonia (ハルモニア神聖国, Holy Kingdom Harumonia), known more informally as Holy Harmonia or simply Harmonia, is a large superstate located in the northernmost region of the Northern Continent. It borders the Dunan Republic to the south and the Grasslands to the west.


Flag of Harmonia

-2-0: Foundation
Prior to the foundation of the Holy Kingdom of Harmonia, the Kingdom of Aronia ruled over the region. Two years prior to the adoption of the Solar Year Calendar, Hikusaak known as 'The Hero' managed to overthrown the ailing kingdom, founding the Holy Kingdom of Harmonia in its place. Two years later, the Solar Year Calendar was adopted and Hikusaak began his theocratic rule as High Priest of the nation. The war that overthrew Aronia is now known as 'The Hero's War'.

20-70: Early History
Harmonian territory extended from the far north where present-day Harmonia is mostly situated, all the way down to modern-day north Toran. In fact, this area held a major Harmonian city, Rupanda, which became known as Gregminster following the formation of the Scarlet Moon Empire. In the year 20, Harmonia led an invasion into the Lorimar region of Toran which was thwarted by Klift, the paladin who would go on to found the Warrior's Village. A truce was formed between the two powers, giving the Warrior's Village autonomy.

Historically, Harmonian foreign policy seems geared towards the acquirement of True Runes. Notable incidences which back up this theory include Harmonia's destruction of the Gate Rune Clan in the year 70, which was unsuccessful in bringing the rune under Harmonian possession.

230-237: Harmonian Civil War
The 230's were a period of upheaval for Harmonia and the world in general. Major internal discord began around the year 230, where rumours of the death of High Priest Hikusaak allowed Kranach Rugner to form the Scarlet Moon Empire in a bloodless coup.

The civil war continued across the nation until the rebellion was crushed by Maroux Blight in 237. For his efforts to preserve the nation, he was given land of his own and so the Highland Kingdom was founded, providing a buffer area between Harmonia and Dunan and essentially cutting off Harmonian ties to the southern regions of the continent.

305-307: Political Clout
As the majority of sources concern themselves with southern history, there is only limited information on Harmonian activities over the next two centuries. However, there seemed to be a possibility of Harmonian involvement in the Island Liberation War (302-307) in exchange for the Rune of Punishment, however this came to nothing.

417-425: War With Grassland
The early period of the 400's were dominated by the Grasslander rebellion, led by the Flame Champion. While the Flame Champion was captured and the region subjugated in 417, the war flared up again following his escape from custody in 421. Four years later, Harmonia sent a massive army into the Grasslands, causing an intensive, all-out conflict. The Grasslands were at the brink of being defeated due to the sheer numbers of Harmonia's military. However, in the final battle, the Flame Champion's True Fire Rune lost control, resulting in a massive explosion that crippled both friend and foe. This made Harmonia sign a secret non-aggression treaty with the Grasslands for 50 years. Le Buque was not reclaimed by the Grasslands and was thus annexed to Harmonia, its citizens relegated to third-class citizen status.

430: Border Control
Following the First Fire Bringer War, the Harmonian Army established a border guard to prevent more insurgents from infiltrating the nation, such as what had happened several times during the war with the Fire Bringer. This force would eventually become the Harmonian Southern Frontier Defense Force.

440-460: Conquest and Interference
It is also documented that the northern nation of Sanadia, located westwards of Harmonia, was brought under Harmonian control in the year 440.

During the Falenan Civil War (449-450) there was a possibility of Harmonian interference based on their desire for the Sun Rune. However, these ambitions were held in check by reports from the region, coming from a Howling Voice Guild agent, the contents of which seemingly discouraged the nation's desire.

In 460, Harmonia sent troops, led by Priest General Sasarai, to aid Highland in their war on Jowston, but their troops returned home early in the war after encountering the power of Luc's True Wind Rune.

472-475: Higheast and the Grassland
In 472, Harmonia invaded the Higheast Province of the Dunan Republic, in other words, the area formerly known as Highland, in order to bring the region back under Harmonian control. Other troops situated near Higheast partook in the campaign. The Harmonian troops were forced to withdraw after Dunan strategies, led by Shu, caused internal conflict within the nation.

The southern Harmonia forces were once again on the attack in 475 when they attacked the Grasslands region, wiping out the Safir Clan and nearly doing the same to the Chisha Clan. However, their attempts were halted when a joint Zexen/Grasslands force led by the second Flame Champion repelled the invading troops. Eventually, this war ended when the Harmonia forces were forced to ally with the Zexen/Grasslands alliance to stop the designs of Luc, which would've held disastrous consequences for the entire world. There is nothing to suggest that this forced alliance has made Harmonia rethink their intentions regarding the Grasslands or the world in general.


The Holy Kingdom of Harmonia is formally headed by the High Priest Hikusaak. However, due to a lack of public appearances in the past few centuries, all decisions are run through the Harmonian government.

The nation is polarized around two main parties, the Temple Faction and the People's Faction, each of which hold their own goals and motives as they vie for political dominance. Priests within the Harmonian Army, meanwhile, manipulate both factions according to their goals.

Additionally, the Howling Voice Guild is sometimes utilized to further the goals of the factions. However, the Guild also have their own agenda which can lead to further manipulation on their part, creating a political atmosphere of perpetual paranoia.


  • Harmonia is named after the Greek Goddess of Harmony and Concord. Harmonia is most well known in Greek Myth for her cursed necklace. The necklace was a gift from Hephaestus, who cursed Harmonia due to being the child born from his wife Aphrodite's infidelity with Ares. The necklace granted eternal youth and immortality which made many people covet the necklace and start wars over it. All those who have worn the necklace were met with misfortune, madness, and death.
  • Harmonia might be based on the Russian Federation and Vatican City.

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