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Not to be confused with the Hugo of Suikoden.


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"Who do you want to protect? What do you want to protect? Which memories do you want to protect? Do you really want these destroyed now? I can't let that happen! I won't!"

Hugo is the Tensyo Star in Suikoden III.



Hugo is only child of the Karaya Clan Chief Lucia. He's young, energetic, and (according to one of the Karaya Clan villagers) the best rider in the village. He's close friends with Fubar and Sgt. Joe and best friends with Luce's youngest son, Lulu.





Chapter 1

Hugo, being the only son of Karaya Clan Chief Lucia, was sent to Vinay del Zexay, along with Lulu, Sgt. Joe, and Fubar, to deliver a truce agreement to the Zexen Council as the Karaya Clan's official messenger. As the group was leaving, they were approached by Lulu's older brother, Jimba, who asked Hugo to do him a favor by delivering a pentacle to the Lightfellow family. Along the way, the group had to pass through Brass Castle, which was the first time any of them had ever seen a castle. Inside they literally ran into Chris Lightfellow and her attendant Louis. After a few short but hot words with Roland, both parties were parted ways. After arriving at Vinay del Zexay, Hugo and company attempted to gain entrance to the Council building, but were repelled by the guard at the door. It wasn't until Sgt. Joe explained the situation that they were permitted in. However, the council was too busy to see them at that moment so on the urging of Lulu they began exploring Vinay del Zexay, but not before delivering the pentacle to the Lightfellow family.

As they explored the area, they overheard an argument between Melville and Guillaume about Melville's father finding a mysterious ship, but Guillaume said that he had sent men to the area who had returned empty-handed. He even went as far as to call Melville's father a liar. Not too long after, they ran into Alanis and Elliot of the Saint Loa Knights, who were waiting for Melville. After following them and gaining access to their "castle", Hugo quickly befriended them and decided to help them on their quest to find the mysterious ship that Melville's father claimed to have found. After arriving at the Northern Cavern with the Saint Loa Knights, they traveled around it until they found the ship and the truth about Guillaume being a thief.

After returning back to Vinay del Zexay, Hugo was finally able to be seen by the council, however, instead of seeing them in person, they sent an offical of their own to retrieve the truce agreement. After a very heated arguement between the two, Hugo delivered the truce agreement and stormed out. Back at the inn, Hugo and his party rested for the return trip back. However, as they did, they heard the sound of "Iron heads in full combat gear" approaching and they escaped out the window. As they attempted to flee Vinay del Zexay, they were stopped by Percival Fraulein and Leo of the Six Mighty Knights of Zexen. They told them about a sneak attack by the Lizard Clan and that they would have to be detained until further notice. Soon after, however, Fubar (who was told to wait outside of the the city walls) flew over and landed ontop of Leo and Percival's men.

After fleeing to Brass Castle, Hugo was nearly caught by Leo and Percival but was able to escape via a secret tunnel under the cooking range. As he was fleeing back toward to Karaya Village, he noticed the sky over his village was red, and Sgt. Joe urged him to quickly hurry. At Karaya Village, Hugo and his friends find it completely set ablaze. During that, Lulu saw Chris in front of his house, saying that "This village.....we'll be better off without it." Lulu charged at her with his knife drawn, but was struck down for his attempt. After seeing his best friend die before his eyes, Hugo demanded to know why it had to come to this. After the Zexen Knights left, Hugo and Sgt. Joe buried Lulu on Karayan soil with all the rights.

Chapter 2

After leaving for Duck Village, Hugo ran into Lilly Pendragon and her entourage Reed and Samus, who was searching for the Flame Champion. After offically meeting Hugo, she hired him to lead her to the Great Hollow so she could search for information there. After locating one of the Lizard Clan's highways and journeying inside, Hugo and his party ran into a group of strange characters who were attempting to open an ancient doorway. While it was obvious that the group was up to no good, Hugo attempted to approach them, but ended up in a duel with one of them, but was able to escape from them with his life. After arriving at the Great Hollow, they ended up fighting the Zexen Knights who had arrived at the Great Hollow. After successfully defeating several Zexen soldiers, Hugo was reunited with his mother and the rest of the Karaya Clan.

Chapter 3

After arriving, Hugo heard tales of the Flame Champion and what he did for the Grasslands long ago. Later, he was asked to go to Budehuc Castle in order to search for the Fire Bringer and soon set off to do so. Upon arriving thought the castle was surrounded by the Zexen army, and he had to escape with the help of a strategist named Caesar Silverberg and Apple. Back at the Great Hollow, Lilly went to Brass Castle to meet with a Tinto trader. While it should have only taken a few days, it was a week later that Hugo and Sgt. Joe went to Brass Castle. There, he ran into Mua and Hallec, two travelers from up north that were searching for the Flame Champion. Suddenly, Borus and Roland of the Zexen Knights spotted Hugo and he was forced to fight them with the aide of Mua and Hallec. After the fight, they all returned to the Great Hollow were they got wind that Chisha Village had been attack by Harmonian forces. Hugo and his friends rushed to Chisha's aide and succeeded in fighting back both the Harmonian forces and the forces of Le Buque. Soon after, Hugo ran into Chris and was enraged, demanding she explain what she was doing there.

Soon after she left, Hugo was approached by the Chisha Clan chief, Sana, who asked him what he'd do if he ever met the Flame Champion. Hugo responded that he'd ask him to protect the Grasslands again. Soon after though, Hugo ran into Yuber and challenged him to a duel. However Hugo, lost and was knocked out, waking up later in a room in Chisha Village. By this time, Hugo was dreaming of becoming a hero like the Flame Champion. When he told this to Sana, she told him to go to the mountains north of the Chisha Village. There, he found out that the Flame Champion had died many years ago wishing to live out his life with his lover Sana. After finding this out, Sana asked if anyone would succeed the former Flame Champion. After thinking it over, Hugo stepped up and claimed he'd do it. Afterwards he, Chris, and Geddoe fought and defeated the Fire Rune Incarnation and Luc and his team. Hugo became the new Flame Champion immediately after.

Chapter 4

Soon after this, Hugo succeeds in forming an alliance between Grassland and Zexen armies, which had been pushed all the way back to the Brass Castle under his banner. By doing this, Hugo re-formed the Fire Bringer. After successfully defending the Brass Castle, it was discovered that Sarah was using her magic to make illusions of soldiers to make it look like there were more Harmonian soldiers then what was really there.

After Hugo formed a party and defeated her, he went back to Brass castle to have a meeting with his inner circle on where to set up their headquaters. It was eventually decided that Budehuc Castle was the most logical location, as it was seated on the borders between Grassland and Zexen. However, not long after setting up the headquaters, Hugo witnessed Jimba entering the Ancient Highway. Following him, Hugo witnessed Luc succeeding at opening the door to the Cyndar Ruins. After entering and defeating a Water Dragon, Hugo found Jimba on the ground. It appeared that Jimba (who was the original bearer of the True Water Rune) decided to attempt to rebear the rune in order to keep it out of Luc's hands. However, Luc attacked and fatally wounded Jimba before he could do so. Now with his friend dying in his arms, Jimba revealed to Chris that he was her father, Wyatt Lightfellow, and soon after that she bore the True Water Rune.

Chapter 5

Later, Hugo lost his True Fire Rune to Luc and had to travel to the Ceremonial Site in order to get it back. After he and the others succeed in re-obtaining their True Runes, Hugo lead a team onward to victory against Luc. After the war was over, Hugo returned to the newly rebuilt Karaya Clan Village and became it newest chief.


At the start of the manga, Hugo was born and was raised by Lucia. When he was a little child Jimba teach him and Aila how to hunt and use a bow. He first meet Fubar while they were hunting, he raise it and they become friends.

While growing, Sgt. Joe also help Lucia to raise and watch over Hugo and Fubar. They also do trainings which help him to hone his skills.

A war between Grassland and Zexen lingers on and the people of Grassland are tired of war, so Lucia and the elder Karayan decided to agreed for a truce and she send Hugo to Vinay del Zexay to deliver a signed letter to the Zexen Council.

Role in the Game

Hugo joins at the start of Hugo Chapter 1.

Hugo gets the Unique Skills: Counter, Heavy Damage, Continuous Attack, and Parry. All of which he can naturally max out to A or B+ grade. His Swing, Accuracy, and Repel skills are his best common skills, being able to be maxed out at A or higher. His magic is for the most part average. Hugo is pretty much a melee character with a skill set that allows him to do incredibly high amounts of damage, and to deflect damage and counter. His magic is only average but he can boost most of them with equipment.

Skills (Suikoden III)

Skills Rank
Swing A
Accuracy A
Damage B
Repel S
Armor Protect C
Holy Dash B+

Skills (Suikoden III)

Skills Rank
Heavy Damage A
Counter Attack B+
Continual Attack B+
Parry B+

Skills (Suikoden III)

Skills Rank
Fire Magic B
Water Magic C
Wind Magic B+
Earth Magic B+
Lightning Magic B
Magic Resistance B
Sword of Magic B

Character Statistics
HP 626
LVL 1 -
LVL 2 -
LVL 3 -
LVL 4 -
LVL 99 EX 999
PWR 188 SKL 251
MGC 188 REP 248
PDF - MDF 188
SPD 248 LUC 191

Default Equipment
Head Feather Band
Body Damaged Leather
Shield [None]
Other 1 Sandals
Other 2 Lunch Box (x4)
Other 3 -

Recommended Equipment
Head -
Body -
Shield [None]
Other 1 -
Other 2 -
Other 3 -

Hugo can participate in the Mounted Attack.

Weapon Type: Dagger
Weapon Starting Level: 3

Weapon Growth
Name Kwan Gwanga Luft
Level 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16
Strength 6 18 29 41 60 70 80 90 100 110 135 144 153 162 171 180

Hugo starts with a Wind Rune.

Hugo is a decent mage who has high affinity with the Wind Rune and Earth Rune.

While his Fire Magic and Lightning Magic skills are only Average, due to his equipment pool, Hugo can equip most of the gear that raises his Magic Skills to make him more proficient with them.

Description: Devoted to the theater. His acting is solid and he's definitely a draw at the box office.

N°Script Role 1 Role 2 Role 3 Role 4 Role 5 Role 6
Script #1 25 - - 30 - N/A
Script #2 35 20 30 - - N/A
Script #3 - 35 10 20 25 N/A
Script #4 20 10 - 15 15 N/A
Script #5 - 35 20 35 - -
Script #6 20 45 20 35 - -

Many people gather at this castle, so I guess it's hard to get everybody.together. I'll do anything I can, just let me know.

Chris, when did you grow taller? You weren't so tall when you were young, were you? Tell me.

Chris, what did you eat at my age? I've been eating a lot, but I don't grow taller. Maybe it's not just a matter of food.

Chris, didn't you once swing from a tree? They say you grew taller... but you didn't, did you?

Many people gather at this castle, so I guess it's hard to get everybody.together. I'll do anything I can, just let me know.

Aila seems to like the mercenary life. I feel a little sorry for her, being a Karayan, but please take care of her.

Geddoe, when did you grow taller? You weren't so tall when you were young, were you? Tell me.

Geddoe, what did you eat at my age? I've been eating a lot, but I don't grow taller. Maybe it's not just a matter of food.

Geddoe, didn't you once swing from a tree? They say you grew taller... but you didn't, did you?

The son of the Karayan Chief, Lucia. His strongest skill is his speed.

He's been riding Fubar since he was four years old. That's why he's so friendly to him.

He worries about being short. When I looked in his room, I saw him hanging from the windowsill.

When Lucia came back from the Dunan Unification War, Hugo was born.


  • In the manga adaption of the story, Hugo is chosen to be the new Flame Champion, as opposed to the game, which gives the player the option to choose Chris or Geddoe instead.
  • Belle has a crush on him. When you speak to her as Hugo, she becomes nervous. When you speak as Koroku or another lead character, she will say that Hugo is wonderful.
  • In Belle's Suggestion Box's messages, she said that she is dreaming of and knitting a sweater for someone (referred as "him"). It is highly implied that the "him" is Hugo.
  • If player recruits Belle with Hugo, she will be 15 levels higher than Hugo's level (If you load Suikoden II data before). A special scene where Belle immediately falls in love with Hugo will also be shown; where in the end, Belle used Gadget Z to talk sweet about herself to impress Hugo.
  • Hugo is unique among the three main characters in Suikoden III, because he can actually bear any of the games main True Runes depending on your choice of who becomes the Flame Champion. If Hugo is chosen to be the new Flame Champion, he obtains the True Fire Rune. If Chris becomes the Flame Champion, Hugo acquires the True Water Rune; and if Geddoe is chosen, Hugo will get his True Lightning Rune.
  • In Hugo's Chapter 2, after you talk to Luce and have a conversation with Lucia, picking the second dialogue choice, "I understand mother", will cause Lucia to mention that Hugo is a fine man like his father.
  • "Wow boss you sound like you're his father" said by Joker to Geddoe in the Suikoden III Manga.
  • Hugo's name means "Bright in Mind and Spirit" or "intelligence".
  • Hugo's starting money in Suikoden III is 1000 potch.
  • Some fans think that Hugo's hair is black at the tip, representing a clue as to who is his father.
  • Hugo is the only protagonist of the main series who doesn't use gloves to cover his True Rune.
  • Hugo's sword when upgraded to level 12 is called "Luft" a German word for air.


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