A war which saw the Highland under King Robert Blight, lead an invasion of the Jowston City-States. Han Cunningham led the Highland 1st Army in this war.

Early in the war, the Highland forces scored victory after victory due to Jowston's poor leadership, at the time, under Mayor Darel of Muse. Soon, Darel sought asylum in South Window as Muse seemed destined to fall to Highland. Genkaku led the remaining forces of Muse and launched a guerilla war against the invading Highlanders. However, Matilda and Greenhill soon fell under Han Cunningham's leadership, granting Highland half of the City-States in one fell blow.

The year 432 saw a turn around in fortunes for Jowston as the army, led by Genkaku, went on what would later be known as the "Great Offensive." Starting with a raid against Highland supply camps, Greenhill and Matilda were eventually won back. These victories bought enough time for Jowston forces to get organized against the Highland Army and so the war continued on an even footing, both sides now roughly equal thanks to Genkaku's leadership.

Due to the skill of both Genkaku and Han Cunningham, however, the war continued in a stalemate. Eventually, a friendship developed between the two, and following the death of Robert Blight in 434 and the ascension of Agares Blight, a pro-peace king, both sides proposed a truce. However, Darel disagreed with the status of Kyaro, insisting that it belonged to Jowston. Agares proposed that the matter be settled by a duel between Genkaku and Han Cunningham. However, as Agares and Darel presented their swords to their respective heroes, Genkaku noticed his sword was poisoned, which would have killed Han with a mere scratch. Thus, Genkaku refused to fight, accepting defeat. Darel used this as an excuse to banish Genkaku, and Genkaku was subsequently cast out of Jowston as a traitor.

The result of the duel meant that Kyaro became a part of the Highland Kingdom, the only territorial change in the entire six-year war.

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