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Jowy Atreides

"Enjoy the moments you have together, because nothing lasts forever."

Jowy Atreides is a major character in Suikoden II.
He also appears in Genso Suikogaiden Vol. 1 and
Genso Suikogaiden Vol. 2.



Jowy is the childhood friend of Riou and Nanami. Jowy's mother, Rosa, married Marcel Atreides and he was brought into the wealthy Atreides family of Highland aristocrats. He lives with his family in Kyaro. Ostracized because of his family's wealth and abused by his stepfather and stepbrother, he has few friends aside from Riou and Nanami. He initially wields a staff, but changes to using a sword after joining the Highland Kingdom.


Jowy appears with a long, sandy brown hair, which is tied in a low ponytail with long fringes in both sides, and brown eyes. While he's with Riou and Nanami prior to his permanent leave in Muse, he wears a blue high-neck sleeveless shirt with a brown belt on the right side of his waist with extra belts with the same color, white pants and brown and yellow leather boots. He wears a brown bracelet in both of his hands and has a yellow scarf on his waist.

When he rejoins in the Highland Army and as the King of Highland, however, he wears a white and gray royal jacket under a royal blue turtleneck shirt, black pants and white and gray royal boots. He also wears a silver necklace that sticks in his neck.

When he marries Jillia Blight following Luca Blight's death at the nightraid, he wears a long white high-neck royal tunic with a gold trim, he retains his black pants from his royal outfit and gray royal boots. He also dons a shades of purple cape as the color of purple signifies royalty.

As a child during flashbacks, Jowy's hair became shorter and wears a modern outfit worn by the Atreides nobles, a light yellow sleeveless sweater vest with a white short sleeve button shirt and a blue tie, blue shorts and brown dress shoes and white socks.

In Genso Suikogaiden Vol. 1, his hair is changed from sandy brown to blond, as his blue high-neck sleeveless shirt changes to royal blue the same color as his turtleneck shirt from his royal outfit as the King of Highland.


In the beginning of the game prior to his leave in Muse, Jowy appears to be calm and collected to both Riou and Nanami. When he attempts to murder Anabelle, Jowy becomes cold and sociopathic due to his orders made by Luca Blight in order to gain his trust. When he rejoins the Highland Army and as the King of Highland, Jowy appears as a stoic and yet very serious person who relies to his comrades in the war but maintains his cold and distant demeanor towards Riou and Nanami. 

In Genso Suikogaiden Vol. 1, Jowy appears to be overprotective of his own family despite being disowned by both his step-father and brother when Luca threatens him about his family. He befriends Jillia Blight, Luca's younger half-sister, who later becomes his wife in the later parts of the story and the fake spy and protagonist Nash Latkje who disguises as one of Luca's Highland soldiers who rescues him from being interrogated and imprisoned. Later on, when Greenhill has been retaken by the Allied army, Jowy, as the King of Highland, was later seen ordering his men to help the people from Muse.

In the best ending, Jowy wants to repent for all the sins he had done from the very beginning and as the King of Highland to Riou and wants to duel with him. Weakened from using his Black Sword Rune, Jowy asks Riou to defeat him and accept the rune from him. Riou refuses several times, and Jowy was healed by Riou's Bright Shield Rune. Jowy is finally forgiven by Riou and he wanted to start over again with him and Nanami, as well as he visits Jillia and Pilika during their travels.


When Jowy and Riou were young, they were shown to sneak behind Highland family mansion's wall to peek over it to see young Jillia Blight. When Jowy meets her first time he speaks to her rudely during their brief encounter in Kyaro.

Jowy crushing over Jillia when they were young.

In Genso Suikoden I, Jillia comes to visit where Jowy was locked up when he was captured by Luca. They have a short talk and right after Jillia asks Nash to free him telling that she will take responsibility for him.

Jillia speaks to Jowy

Before Jowy leaves, Jillia asks him the question "Do you suppose we'll meet again?" To which Jowy responds, "If fate permits." Jillia then asks Nash to escort him safely out of the camp.

Jowy is moved by Jillia's words.

Jillia was the first ever person who had believed in Jowy's capabilities to find his path motivating him to pursue his decision.

  1. During the entire war, Jowy become a cold and hard to read person probably because he was focused on the war. He did not show any sign of affection to Jillia nor was he happy to be wed to her. Jowy did care for her as a human of course, as it is shown when he sacrificed her to the Beast Rune. He did not want to sacrifice the real Jillia to the Beast Rune so he had a doll made to resemble her and made it look like she is already dead so that no one would think she's still alive later and she could get a normal life. Jowy  prepared a new life in Harmonia for Jillia and Pilika so they wouldn't need to be a part of this war anymore. When the war was almost over, Jowy apologizes to Jillia (probably for using her to get to Highland's king). Jillia reassures him that she has always loved him despite the fact that he used her and killed her family. Jowy was at lost for words for Jillia’s devotion and was unable to say anything back. Jillia then asks if she were to die would he cry, Jowy asks her just to live. Upon hearing this, Jillia runs to him. After the war has ended, Jowy along with Riou and Nanami visits her and Pilika in Harmonia. Jillia stands up acknowledgingly after Pilika ran to the gate after sensing Jowy's presence.


Suikoden II

When he was young, he secretly watches from afar Riou and Nanami train with Genkaku until one day Riou notices his presence and goes to him. That's where their friendship began and the two were inseparable since then. With Riou, he joins the Highland Unicorn Youth Brigade. When the brigade is slaughtered as a result of Luca Blight, he and Riou escape and are separated. Jowy is rescued by a girl named Pilika and her parents. He and Riou are reunited when Jowy attempts to save Riou, but they are both captured by Viktor's mercenaries. They escape, but are arrested by their former brigade leader and then rescued from torture to death by Viktor and Flik. The boys become involved in the Dunan Unification War and eventually each inherit half of the Rune of Beginning; Jowy becomes the bearer of the Black Sword Rune.

The two end up on opposite sides of the conflict when Jowy volunteers to become a spy for the army and is caught by the Highlanders. He was given the task of assassinating Lady Anabelle. He assassinated Lady Anabelle in her room and let Highland occupy Muse. Jowy joins Luca Blight, believing he can work from within to bring about a better future. Jowy eventually becomes a general in Highland, marries Jillia Blight, and secretly plots against Luca with Leon Silverberg.

During the game, Jowy has been shown repeatly asking Riou to give up on his fight of leading the Dunan Liberation Army by claiming that the outcome of the war has been decided, as the Dunan Liberation Army are unable to fight against Highland.

With Luca's death, Jowy becomes King of Highland. He is forced to focus all his energy into using the Black Sword Rune to keep the Beast Rune at bay. Eventually, he and Riou are forced to directly confront each other, as destined by the opposing forces of the Rune of Beginning. Upon his army's defeat, Jowy flees from Highland. If all 108 stars were recruited, Nanami is revealed to be alive and well, and if Riou refuses to fight, Jowy will be saved and join them in traveling the world. If all the stars were not recruited, Nanami remains dead, and Riou can choose whether or not to fight Jowy before the game ends. If he fights, Jowy will die.

Role in the Game

Jowy joins automatically at the Mercenary Fortress. He leaves permanantly before Muse is captured by Highland. However, he will join your party twice afterwards; during the battle with Gorudo and after he is healed by the Bright Shield Rune at the end of the game.

Jowy is an excellent character with above average stats in all categories, a closer look at his stats will show that he is a reverse of the main character Riou, with a slightly heavier emphasis on magic than on melee. He is still a great fighter and his Unite Attack with the main character is still one of the best in the whole game against groups. Jowy is a temporary character, so it's unlikely the player will have enough time to really play around with customization or seeing how powerful the Black Sword Rune is, but the Matilda Glitch will allow a player to see what a high powered character Jowy can be like. He joins again for one boss fight late in the game, which is the only time most players will see his final spell for the Black Sword Rune, Hungry Friend.

Jowy uses a Bo Staff as a weapon. Later in his fight with Gorudo and his men, he uses a Sword.

Weapon Growth
Name Star Staff Heaven Staff Heavenly Star Staff
Level 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16
Strength 5 6 8 11 14 17 33 40 47 56 66 76 89 124 145 165

  • Head - Gained at Lv. 30
  • Right Hand - Black Sword Rune (Permanent, Story Event)
  • Left Hand - Gained at Lv. 15
  • Weapon - No Rune attached

Jowy is a temporary character but gets a second rune slot at lv. 15 and and a third one at lv. 30, so he has some customization options. He has high affinity with offense runes like the Darkness Rune, Fire Rune, and Lightning Rune. For diversity, give him a Wind Rune, which he also has a good affinity with. For a melee approach, a Killer Rune or Double Beat Rune is useful.

Character Statistics
LVL 1 9
LVL 2 8
LVL 3 5
LVL 4 3
LVL 99 ATK 174
EX 999 DEF
SKL 212 MDF 182
MAG 204 SPD 199

Default Equipment
Helmet -
Armor Tunic
Shield [none]
Other 1 Medicine (x6)
Other 2 Flaming Arrows (x2)
Other 3 Boots

Recommended Equipment
Helmet -
Armor -
Shield [none]
Other 1 -
Other 2 -
Other 3 -

Jowy participates into the Buddy Attack with Riou.

As allied:
In protecting the fortress, Jowy is sided with Riou and Nanami and he has a critical skill to dispatch their foes. +2 ATK +1 DEF.

As enemy:
As the enemy, during the capture of the Muse refugees in Matilda he is sided with Seed and Culgan and his stats is Attack 13 and Defense 11. As the King of Highland, He can fight solely with the same stats. But is rivaled with Georg Prime in terms in critical the enemy.

When using the critical skill as an ally and later as an enemy, he will say. "We can't lose!!!!"

  • Critical - Chance of doing 2x damage. (Both Ally and Foe)
  • Cavalry - Move in a 3-grid area. (Only as Foe)

"I guess.... this is the end...."


Richmond can't investigate Jowy




  • "Riou. Do you... want my carrots?"
  • "Cut the Blight line once and for all, or there will always be fanatics who'll try to revive the Highland Kingdom. After all, sometimes hope can drive people to madness...Let's make our war the last war ever to plague this land..."
  • "A glorious hero defeats an evil King...the people will talk and sing about your heroic rise to fame and forget the horrors and the sins of war...the defeated soldiers will feel comforted by the fact that they were defeated by a hero, and deceived by an evil king..."
  • "This is where our journey began. You and I walked the along the same path for so long together, but this is where they began to diverge. But, I have no regrets. But if I did, it would be that I had to betray the City-State and assasinate Lady and I were alot alike...we were both aiming for the same thing..."
  • "Peace is a beautiful thing... even if it comes... at the end of a long, brutal war....."
  • "So don't forget, Pilika. Enjoy the moments you have together, because nothing lasts forever. Okay?"
  • "Power? Am I looking for power? Ever since the first day I saw you... I somehow knew that we would be friends... I was never lonely because you were there.. it felt like those days would last forever... we walked along the same paths because... we chose Life and Death together... I believed in you... always... because we shared so much..."
  • "Riou and I haven't betrayed this country. This country has betrayed us. I won't forgive this."
  • "If we make it...... but... somehow got separated.... Let's return to this spot."
  • "Ever since we got these runes on our hands, we were destined to fight each other. But even if that's our destiny, I'd still like to think that we each gained something from this."


  • In combat, if Riou or Nanami is at low HP (in their heavy breathing animation), Jowy will automatically take the hit for them almost everytime if the attack is considerated a physical attack.
  • For a while during the game, Jowy's name becomes "Joei", due to a translation inconsistency.
  • While performing his unite attack with Riou, Jowy is seen spinning his bo staff. With his fight with Gorudo, Jowy is seen raising his sword in a flash.
  • Jowy can be playable in either his main outfit or his royal outfit by using the GameShark cheats.
  • His outfit is a purchasable item in Super Bomberman R Online.
  • The name Atreides is derived from Frank Herbert's classic sci-fi novel "Dune" (1965).


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