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Kelley is a minor character in Genso Suikogaiden Vol. 1.


A former Guild Master manipulated by the Howling Voice Guild's elders, Kelley was forced to fight against one of his best friends, Elza, in a Howling Voice Guild duel. Kelley allowed Elza to shoot him, saying with his last breath that he loved both her and Clive.

Like Clive, Kelley was born in the Tower of the Howling Voice Guild. All his childhood was spent enduring the harsh training, day after day. However, he could always count on the support of Clive and Elza, who had been taken in the Guild at the age of five. They formed a strong bond and managed to survive together through all the trials to see the days of adulthood, which was set at the age of fifteen within the Guild. They would be the only trainees to survive the merciless training, all others had succumbed to the rigorous, mind-numbing regimen.

The trio would continue the path of the Howling Voice until they successfully passed the test to become Knight Class Gunners. Usually, only one candidate per year could succeed, so it highly unsettled the Elders of the Guild when all three friends passed. Jealous of their success and afraid of their increasing power, they decided to separate them and devised a plan to break their bond completely. Feeling that Kelley was the easiest to manipulate, they appointed him as Guild Master. At first, Kelley seemed to be happy with his newly acquired post and his ways changed greatly. The power had begun to warp him, changing him into a person his friends did not recognize. Fate wound its course, and Kelley would find himself unable to wield Sturm, the sentient gun that answered to its master's voice and was the very symbol of the Guild Master. There was another way to wield the gun--- by proving one's worth to Sturm by killing one who was able to command it. The Elders had Kelley invited Elza to try her power over Sturm, and she could do so naturally. A duel between Kelley and Elza was quickly set into motion, in order to decide who should wear the title of Master. However, they much preferred that Elza be the one to die, and thus loaded only one of the duel guns.

Kelley would uncover the plot and soon realized what the Guild was planning. If he was Guild Master only to be manipulated and brought to kill his friend by deception, he knew in his heart it was not worth it and he refused to become the Guild's puppet. Kelley secretly had his men open the gates of the Tower and prepared himself for the duel.

When Elza arrived on the duel ground, Kelley presented the two guns, Mond and Stern. He knowingly chose Mond, the unloaded gun, and Elza took Stern. They spoke the ritual prayers before dueling, then aimed and fired. Unsurprisingly, only Stern shot, and Kelley fell to the ground. With his dying breath, Kelley could only whisper his love for Elza and Clive one last time.

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