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Kiba Windamier

"I feel like I've lost my place in the world. But when I see Lord Riou... see him charm these people and transcend the war... it may be inappropriate for a general, but it makes me believe in miracles."

Kiba Windamier is the Tenmou Star in Suikoden II.



Kiba became a general of Highland's Army after he led a small force of 100 men and managed to drive away 3,000 hardened State veterans in the Rhetto Fortress. He has a son named Klaus Windamier who serves as their military tactician. He swore loyalty to Agares Blight.


He is naturally bald with pale blond hair and has a trimmed beard, bushy eyebrows and black eyes. He wears a silver heavy armor with a matching greaves along with a long red cape on his neck, a matching black turtleneck beneath his silver armor, black pants and silver and black knee-high boots. He also wore a matching silver gauntlets on his wrist and black gloves.




He went along with Luca Blight's attack on Muse City. Despite not agreeing with Luca's way on how to invade Muse, he didn't say anything. When Kiba was ordered to attack Two River, he failed due to the unity of the Two River citizens and the reinforcement of the New State Army and Kobold Army. On the attack on Radat, he successfully invaded the town, but in the end he was defeated by the New State Army.

After being defeated he was captured along with his son. When they heard a report about Luca Blight killing his own father, Agares Blight, Kiba along with his son joined the New State Army without a second thought. Later when Shu was planning to attack Matilda, Kiba accepted Shu's order even thought he knew that it was a suicide mission. During the Matilda campaign, he led his own unit of soldiers and was mortally wounded during the battle at the Mercenary Fortress and eventually died.

Role in the Game

Kiba is recruited automatically after defeating his company in battle, regardless if you choose to have him beheaded.

Before he sides with Riou's group, he is sided with his son Klaus and his stats are- Attack 7 and Defense 16. When he is sided with Riou's group his stats are bigger than the other characters even to put each of characters in both attack and defense stat. His ability in the war tactics was Heavy Armor that makes his opponent to damage him up to three hits instead of two. He is the second character to have a cavalry in Riou's group after Flik.

Highland Army:"My... my King..."

New State Army:"I... I'm going to the Hall of Heroes!"


Name: Kiba
Age: 37
From: Highland Kingdom
Position: General

Note: Former General of Highland's 3rd Army

"Sounds like although General Kiba had a high position in the military, he wasn't very well compensated if ya know what I mean."

"General Kiba's first battle was for the defense of Fort Retto. He led a small force of 100 men and managed to repulse 3,000 hardened State veterans."

"He swore fealty to Agares Blight, but when Agares was killed by his son, Luca Blight, he came to us. He's a pretty complex guy."


"The General of Dunan Army!!!! They say that after a battle, he likes to fill his belly with delicious meat. General Kiba!!!"


  • Kiba is one of four characters (Shu, Klaus, and Ayda) with double skill / rune in the battle fields.
  • Kiba is the counterpart of Georg and Yuber. Georg is who has the unit with the highest attack power among the allies, as well as Yuber in enemy forces.
  • Kiba was mortally wounded by Leon Silverberg and died during the invasion of the Kingdom of Matilda while defending Viktor's Fort that served as a diversion tactic to divide the Highland Kingdom's Army.
  • Unlike Nanami, Kiba is the only Star of Destiny to legitimately die over the course of the game.


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