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Kooluk Empire

The Kooluk Empire (クールーク皇国, Kuruku Sovereign Empire) was a standard imperial nation which existed until the year 309.


Located on the southern coast of the Northern Continent, Kooluk shared borders with the then-Scarlet Moon Empire to the north as well as ocean borders with Kanakan to the east and the Island Nations Federation to the south in the Kuknasi Sea.

Divisions within the nation between various political movements heralded an attempt at a coup in 309. Its failure, however, saw the already-fragile nation throw into chaos. After the fall-out of these movements and machinations left the nation in tatters, the last surviving royal, Corselia, dissolved the nation.

Following the collapse of the nation, many of its far-northern territories came under the rule of the Scarlet Moon Empire.


Flag of Kooluk

Flag of Kooluk

Kooluk history out of the late 200's to early 300's remain much of a mystery but it is known that the nation made two main enemies during its period of existence.

Kooluk had traditionally been at odds with the Gaien Dukedom to the southwest, each nation hoping to lay claim to the small Island Nations which lie in the sea separating the two countries. However, as the majority of Kooluk had to deal with the plots of the Scarlet Moon Empire, the coastal regions of the Empire were allowed to follow their own policies in regards to southern affairs.

292: Kooluk-Obel War
In the year 292, southern Kooluk forces attacked the Kingdom of Obel in the island nations, ambushing a royal entourage. The fleet, however, was decimated by the Rune of Punishment and this attempt at southern expansion was quickly halted. This attack, however, did result in the death of the Queen of Obel as well as the loss of the Crown Prince who was only an infant at the time of the attack.

295: Gaien-Kooluk War
295 saw a decisive naval battle fought between forces of the Gaien Dukedom and Kooluk resulting in a complete victory by Kooluk. The defeat resulted in a Kooluk counter-attack which led to the occupation of the Gaien colony of Middleport. In what could be considered a shrewd move, Kooluk agreed to withdraw of Middleport under the condition that the island be granted independence from Gaien. This agreement allowed Kooluk to conduct trade with Middleport which was just beginning to develop Rune Cannons.

299: Human hunting incidents
The year 299 saw a major incident flare up between Kooluk and Scarlet Moon where a border village between the two nations was destroyed by the Rune of Punishment. This incident was quickly covered by the Kooluk government. However, this led many to believe that the Empire was responsible for the tragedy. This incident did little to improve relations between the two nations.

302-307: Southern Expansion Campaign
By the year 302, Kooluk was a nation on the verge of collapse. Its citizens were suffering for the most part due to food shortages and the Kooluk military was rapidly becoming heavy-handed and corrupt. This decline was accelerated by the internal conflict between the Imperial Faction, led by the Emperor, and the Patriarchal Faction who eventually came to run the day-to-day operations of the Empire.

In the year 302, the southern region of Kooluk, El-Eal, began the 'Southern Expansion Campaign', under the command of the Imperial Faction, designed to conquer the southern island nations. This campaign was not conducted under the Emperor's authority however. The rest of Kooluk was largely unaware of this campaign leading citizens to wonder why imports from the region had dried up during this period. The Southern Expansion Campaign was halted near the end of 307 following the defeat of the Kooluk Navy at El-Eal.

309: Fall of the empire
Two years later, after the brief reunification of the various Kooluk factions under one leader, the Kooluk Empire was disbanded with regions splitting off into various minor states. It is assumed that these free cities eventually converged into small nations and principalities of their own.



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