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Kraze Miles

How dare you get in the way of my promotion! And now you're getting in the way of my pleasure!

Kraze Miles is a minor antagonist in Suikoden.



Kraze is a Commander in the Imperial Army of the Scarlet Moon Empire. He is Tir McDohl's first commanding officer, despite Teo McDohl considering him to be a weak choice. Kraze tends to act pompous towards Tir and his entourage, and believes them to be slackers from the first day of their service to the empire.





His first mission assigned to Tir is to head to Magician's Isle to receive astrological results from Leknaat the Seer. Unknown to Kraze, the mission introduces Tir to his future Toran Republic comrades, Luc and Futch.

Upon their successful return, Kraze immediately dispatches Tir's team on their next mission. He sends them to Rockland in order to inquire the town's military commander as to why the town has failed to pay taxes. He also orders Kanaan to travel with the party with no explanation. After witnessing Ted's mysterious power on Mt. Seifu, Kanaan returns to Gregminster and delivers Ted to Kraze and Lady Windy. The three corner Ted and force him to reveal the power of his True Rune. Wounded as a consequence of his actions, Ted narrowly escapes to the McDohl house. Conflicted, Pahn reveals the location of Ted to Kraze, who raids the McDohl house in search of Ted and his cursed rune. However, the rune is transferred to Tir shortly before the raid. Ted distracts Kraze long enough for Tir, Gremio, and Cleo to escape with the rune.

Tir's escape results in Kraze being reassigned to Kouan. While Tir and company are trying to negotiate with Lepant, Kraze takes the opportunity to kidnap Eileen for his own entertainments. When Lepant learns of this, he breaks his way into the Imperial post, and with the help of Tir, they confront Kraze, who sends more soldiers against the party. After defeating the soldiers, Kraze holds Eileen hostage and calls Pahn into the room. Kraze orders Pahn to capture the others. However, Pahn chooses to follow his heart and attack Kraze, rescuing Eileen. Tir may then choose to spare or execute Kraze. Either way, he will never be seen again.


Kraze is strongly based on Gao Qiu, as he was depicted in the novel Water Margin, with some details taken from Qiu's foster son Gao Yanei. In particular, the episode where Kraze attempts to seduce the wife of Lepant is adapted from a chapter in which Gao Yanei tries the same with the wife of arms instructor Lin Chong, and Gao Qiu schemes to have Lin Chong exiled and nearly assassinated on his son's behalf. Later, the bandits of Liangshan Marsh contemplate killing Gao Qiu when he's under their power, but leader Song Jiang (who shares the Tenkai Star with Tir McDohl) convinces them to spare him, similar to the choice made at the end of the Kouan incident.

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