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"All right. I'm fine. I just gotta stay positive from now on."

Kyril is the main hero of Suikoden Tactics.



"The game's hero. He has been traveling with his father from a very young age. Well-mannered, with a strong sense of justice, he is always compelled to help those in need. He expertly handles a heavy twin-bladed staff."
—Instruction Manual for Suikoden Tactics

As a child, he was already traveling with his father, Walter, with Yohn, who is a mother-figure to Kyril, and their assistants, Andarc and Seneca. After seeing his father die during the night raid with Steele, Kyril becomes traumatized. Then, he is wounded by Steele's use of the Rune of Punishment.

During the Island Nations War, Yohn, Seneca, and Andarc watch over him. Kyril doesn't fully recover until after the war ends.

Continuing his father's hunt for rune cannons, Kyril travels through the Island Nations and Kooluk Empire to uncover the mystery surrounding their sudden disappearance.




Suikoden TacticsEdit

While investigating in the city of Middleport he encounters a nobleman named Iskas, who also happens to be looking for more rune cannons. Together they find a secret room in Warlock's old lair. There they encounter the last of the Evil Eye monsters that the old wizard had summoned along with the Giant Tree. After barely escaping with their lives, but with Iskas's whereabouts unknown, Kyril makes his way to the Pirates Nest. Teaming up with Kika and her crew to fend off an attack by the Patriarchal Faction. With this unprovoked attack on the Island Nations by the Kooluk they travel to Obel to inform King Lino En Kuldes. Kyril agrees to secretly investigate the Kooluk Empire for the King, since they seem so interested in gathering up the last of the Rune Cannons

Kyril then is accompanied by several companions from the Island Nations War. Many of the characters from Suikoden IV return to assist Kyril, including Lazlo and Snowe, if the player uploaded data from Suikoden IV at the start of the game. While exploring the Kooluk Empire for answers he meets a girl by the name of Corselia, who turns out to be a member of the royal family. Working together Corselia and Kyril undercover a plot by the Patriarchal Faction, who are being led by Iskas, to overthrow the Emperor, using the immense power of rune cannons to give them a the edge they needed to defeat the emperor and his forces. Kyril, Corselia, and company arrive at the capitol city of Graska to late. Both Emperor Julius and Prince Martin, Corselia's grandfather and father respectively, have been defeated and turned into fish-type creatures by the Evil Eye creature, which Iskas has captured and turned into his own secret weapon against the Empire. Kyril finally defeats the Evil Eye beast and saves Princess Corselia's life.

After saving her life, Kyril comes to terms with his own past and the events surrounding his father's death. Kyril finally fights at his full power and can now use his best attack from his Swallow Rune. Kyril pursues Iskas to his secret base and after a difficult battle against the powerful magician and the last of the Rune Cannons, Kyril triumphs and defeats them. Iskas uses the last of his power to unleash the power of the open eyed rune cannon, which created an expanding energy field that turns any person caught inside it into a fish-like creature, just as similar fields had changed Walter and Julius many other people caught up in its wake. However, everyone escapes in time.

On his way out of the collapsing building, Kyril hears his fathers voice calling from the energy field and immediately Yohn rushes in and Kyril follows after her. However, instead of being changed into a monster like his father, Kyril is transported to another dimension. There he mets his father's soul and Yohn who can now talk. She reveals the nature of his birth and her origins to her son. She is Kyril's mother and a being from another dimension. She offers Kyril the chance to come and be with her and Walter forever, but Kyril refuses and says his place is with his friends back in his world. After thanking Kyril, her son, for all he had done to help her to return home, she helps him return to the Secret Patriarchal Facility in the same manner he was first born, encased in an egg. Being born anew in the world Kyril returns to his friends with a bit of a new expression of peace and happiness on his face. Kyril returned home to the Scarlet Moon Empire. However, as the years went by and all friends continue to age and grow old, Kyril retained his youthful appearence because of his unique birth origins and rebirth. Not sure how to deal with his agelessness, one day Kyril simply walked away without saying word to anyone. Despite efforts by Corselia and Simeon to look for him, Kyril was not to be found. Simeon noted it was likely that Kyril didn't want to be found, otherwise they would have done so. What happened to Kyril after this is unknown, but for one moment in time in this corner of the world a man named Kyril saved and impacted the lives of many.

Role in the GameEdit

Kyril being the main character join at the start of the game.

Kyril's not the best, but a lot of his averageness is artificial. He's the only character who lacks Bull's Eye, but still has enough ACC to not only hit what he's aiming at, but counterattack reliably. With this in mind, think twice before equipping him with gear that lowers his accuracy. His Skill set is largely defensive base with high marks in Parry and Counterattack.

His Swallow Rune comes in handy a lot, too, with a distance attack, a multi-hit, and a 3x power strike. Kyril does have slow MP growth, meaning that he won't get as many uses of his runes attacks unless he's really high leveled. Kyril's Parry skill activates constantly, leading to unbalanced and vulnerable foes for others to come in and score off of. No, he can't kill Fishmen, but he can drop them to 1 HP, allowing even the worst fighter to do some leveling up by coming in behind to clean up.

Kyril has strong Good Will with Andarc, Seneca, Corselia, and the IV Hero, as well as Cooperation Attacks with all of them, giving him some good versatility on the battlefield when working with any of them.

Starting Equipment Recommended Equipment
Body Tunic Hero's Armor
Hand Leather Gloves Pirate King Bracers/Ogre Breath
Medicine Strength Sash
Flame Force Bead Godspeed Anklet
Flame Force Bead Killer Ring
None Berserker Belt
None Counter Ring
None Hero's Cape
None Razril Knight Token
None Dried Grass Amulet

Right Hand------------------
Left HandSwallow Rune
Permanently Attached

Recommended: Kyril is a melee combat unit, meaning he's restricted to support and passive runes. His Swallow Rune is quite powerful and permanently attached so his secondary rune is up to the player. An easy starter rune is the Rage Sword Rune since you can use its terrain altering powers to boost his abilities. Later you may want to change over to a Killer Rune to take advantage of Kyril's high attack power or a Counter Rune for defensive purpose.

Character Statistics
LVL 50 Ex. 999
Elemental Affinity Fire
HP 505
LVL 1 6/6
LVL 2 5/5
LVL 3 3/3
LVL 4 0/0
ATK 205 DEF 54
STR 81 PDF 54
SKL 84 MDF 52
MAG 37 SPD 58
EVA 55 LUC 53

Skills: Suikoden Tactics
Here are the List of Skills that Kyril can learn.
•Counter Attack •Parry •Battle Lust •Dodge •Critical Hit
•Hidden Power •Extra Move •Godspeed •Jump

Weapon Growth
Name Noble Rage Noble Fury Noble Wrath
Level 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16
Strength 16 26 40 55 70 86 106 124 X X X X X X X X

Kyril can participate in the Double Leader Attack, the Dying Wish Attack and the Ice Crush Attack.

Kyril's Good Will partners are Corselia, Seneca, Andarc and Lazlo.

Permanent Death: No

Let's go!

Give it your best shot guys!

Sorry guys...

Sorry I can't...


Kyril can send himself on a mission.

Okay! I'm on it!

Let's see...

Alright! I did it!

I run out of time.


  • Kyril shares his voice with Toma, Subala, and Richard from Suikoden V.
  • Kyril peculiar weapon, the Swallow, it's the same type of weapon that the protagonist from Chrono Cross, Serge, uses. Both weapons are based on the Eku, an Okinawan weapon adapted from an oar.
  • Kyril is the second protagonist in the series to not acquire a rune associated with the True Runes.
  • Kyril's name means "master, lord."
  • Kyril's starting money in Suikoden Tactics is 2860 potch.
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