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L'Renouille (皇都ルルノイエ; Kouto Rurunoie) is a location in Suikoden II.

As Capital of Highland

Once part of the Holy Kingdom of Harmonia, Higheast City was bequeathed along with the rest of the Highland Kingdom to Maroux Blight for his service in crushing rebellious elements during the Harmonian Civil War of SY 237. Higheast City, under the name L'Renouille, became capital of the new Highland Kingdom. It functioned as the political centre of Highland and of the Blight royal family for over 200 years, until SY 460, when the Highland Kingdom fell to the New State Army in the Dunan Unification War. Although the final battle of the Dunan Unification War, the Battle of L'Renouille, occurred within Higheast City, the city was unaffected by the Allied Army's campaign due to most of the battle occurring inside L'Renouille Palace.

As Higheast City

Higheast was renamed following the outcome of the Dunan Unification War. It is the capital of Higheast province, and is also the largest city in the entirety of the Dunan Republic. A large amount of people visit the town in order to trade artifacts or art, and it is also considered a major trade center between Harmonia, the Grasslands, and the Toran Republic due to its location and size.

Higheast Palace

The former L'Renouille palace stands in the center of Higheast City, dominating the skyline. It features many long, winding corridors and also features a promenade that opens near a balcony where the King of Highland would address his subjects. It was well known for its visually impressive throne room. Though its foundations were destabilized in the Battle of L'Renouille, the palace did not fall.

The Beast Rune was once attached to the palace since the foundation of the Highland Kingdom in 237. The Rune remained attached to the palace until the Dunan Unification War of 460, where Luca Blight would unseal the rune to wreck havoc and destruction on the City-States of Jowston. Following the fall of the Highland Kingdom, the Beast Rune removed itself from the palace, and its current location is unknown.


  • The player never had the possibility to visit the city in Suikoden II as only the Palace is accessible.
  • The Japanese name 皇都ルルノイエ means Imperial Capital L'Renouille.