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Lake Fortress is a location in Genso Suikoden: The Woven Web of a Century. It's an old fortress built on an island in the middle of an unnamed lake, close to Telbe Village.


In the Telluspharma Interception War 100 years ago, it is used as a base by the hero Torwald Albarek and his friends. The history prior to it is unknown. After the war ended, it is left abandoned and become the playground of small monsters in the area.

When Hero and Myura went to the past and met Torwald, they informed that the fortress is in a dilipidated state and it seemed to have given him the idea to maintain the fortress's condition so it could be used by his descendants. Due to this, when Hero returned to the future they found the fortress in good condition and is actually used by trainees from Telbe Village, with Lulusa maintaining a kitchen there and Gino using one of the buildings as his workshop.


Main BuildingEdit

Here the player can see a list of monsters that had been fought in Bestiary, listening to a list of available soundtracks, watching movie scenes of past events, and the Stars of Destiny that had been meet and whose skills had been inherited (the Tablet of Stars aren't obtained until far in the game).

Dining HallEdit

Upon entering HQ, the time will be set to evening and player won't be able to leave before taking dinner and resting. Four chefs are in charge of this dining hall: Lulusa, Bjorn, Scharf, and Numistro. Player can choose which dish to be served for dinner and, after recruiting more than six playable members, can choose which characters to have dinner together.

Having dinner doesn't only give stat boosts to those who participate in dinner, but also increases the relationship points. Increasing relationship points between party members allow for better teamwork during battle, which consequently results in increasing attack damages and speeds. When relationships are maxed, it's possible that the characters will earn a Sub-class.

There are also several events that can be triggered when putting particular characters together for dinner. Some can be accessed due to story progression and some for having the relationship between them increased a level (for example, from Normal to Good).


A general store managed by Utze lies right after the entrance of the fortress, directly across the location of Tree of Times. The items available are updated as the story progresses and player reaches a location that sells new items. The prices are the same as any other stores, despite Utze's claim that he sells it cheaper for Hero's army. The items sold here only consist of ingredients that can be used in workshops, however, and player need to go to other towns to buy equipments, healing items, and cooking ingredients.

Tree of TimesEdit

The first Tree of Times that Hero can use and is connected to the Lake Fortress of 100 years ago. There the player can meet Torwald, Rolph, Grell, and Ingolf (after he inherits his skill to Gino).


  • Pharmacy, where Nido and Sunil make potions for Medics.
  • Arrow Workshop, where Ouija and Ephil make arrows for Archers.
  • Magic Stone Workshop, where Gino and Folune make magic stones for Magicians.
  • Cursed Stone Workshop, where Utze and Gwain make cursed stones for Hexers.
  • Weaponsmith, where Noderi and Cadmus forge weapons (swords, tonfas, spears, katanas).
  • Armorsmith, where Yudiera and Gombusuren forge armors (leather armors, breastplates, metal plates)
  • Accessorysmith, where Nagin and Ristil forge rings.


  • The fortress is referred to as Lake Fortress due to its location.
  • As per Suikoden tradition, player can give it a name at the same time they have to choose the army's name. It doesn't bring any effect to the playthrough whatsoever.
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