Lilin is the Chisatsu Star in Suikoden IV.



Lilin is one of the the five mermaid sisters. The Cray Trading Company catches the mermaid for their skins. Lilin cannot write much and seem to have no desire to learn.





She was first spotted in the cave of the Deserted Island for three consecutive days, when Lazlo was about to finish his tasks. Lilin would leave behind accessories for him, probably out of fear, every time he approached the Subterranean Lake. On the third day, she asked if he was not going to hurt her or kill her. Gaining trust in Lazlo, she left him another accessory and jumped into the lake.

Lilin emerged again, when the exile ship was finally repaired and Chiepoo went missing. She explained to Lazlo and his friends that Chiepoo went to catch a crab, and that the "Master" (a giant crab) was very angry. She asked Lazlo and his friends to take out the "Master", whom she hated, and then Chiepoo would come back. When they left the Deserted Island, Lilin bade them goodbye and asked them to visit sometime.

She emerged again outside the Kingdom of Obel, and was taken to the huge ship hidden inside the cave, where she joined forces with Lazlo.

Towards the end of the game, Lilin and her sisters took charge of a decoy fleet towards Fort El-Eal at the southern border of Kooluk, and jumped into the sea just seconds before the powerful Rune Cannon destroyed the decoy fleet. After the war, she returned to the deserted island with her sisters, after sometime she goes in search of the other who have been missing.

Accessory AtelierEdit

  • The mermaids can make Accessory for your characters.
  • Accessories add defense and etc. on your characters.
  • You can visit the Atelier at the 5th Deck inside the Dauntless.

Here are the List of Accessories that the mermaids can make.

  • Guard Ring
  • Water Magic Ring
  • Magic Ring
  • Counter Ring
  • Earth Magic Ring
  • Lucky Ring
  • Cape Ring
  • Power Ring
  • Thunder Magic Ring
  • Speed
  • Fire Magic Ring
  • Pearl Ring
  • Water Amulet
  • Wind Amulet
  • Thunder Amulet
  • Fur Cape
  • Flame Amulet
  • Magic Canceller
  • Gold Emblem
  • Pearl Bracelet
  • Pearl Necklace

Role in the GameEdit

After landing on Obel and being allowed to use it's ship, sail out until you hear her cry for help. Sail toward a ship near by and defeat it's crew and she'll join.

Lilin opens an accessory atelier aboard your ship, by taking the right combination of materials to her she can create new accessories.

  • Keen: You have done well by coming here. In this room, you may confess what is in your heart and accept proper judgement.

            Lilin: All right, I'll talk.

  • Keen: Would you secretly inform me about anyone on board this ship who you think is causing problems?

            Lilin: I don't really know. They're all good people.

  • Keen: Then, would you tell me what you think of Lazlo?

            Lilin: He is a very good person.

  • Keen: Finally, quietly confess the things you wish to atone for, or all the things that you are thankful for.

            Lilin: I want to find my older sisters. I want them to get rid of the bad guys so we can hurry up and look for them.

  • Keen: Then, I shall pass judgement!

            Lilin: Is that all? I was looking forward to it because they said water would rain down. I will go back now.

            Lilin: ...!! That scared me!


Come play once in a while.

Come make accessories once in a while.


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