STactics Lino En Kuldes

With that Rune, you must realize that a harsh fate awaits you. Fortunately though, I can see that you have friends who care about you.

Lino En Kuldes is the Tengou Star in Suikoden IV.
He is also a playable character in Suikoden Tactics.

Lino is the ruler of the Kingdom of Obel, and later becomes ruler of the Island Nations after the end of the Island Liberation War. He is often accompanied by his daughter, Princess Flare, and his aide, Setsu.



Lino En Kuldes is the King of Obel. He and the Queen of Obel had two children, Flare En Kuldes and Razro, but unknown to him, Razro is his long lost son (later revealed in other Suikoden literature). In the game, Lino En Kuldes has never had a penchant for wearing his kingly robes, even with much persuasion from Setsu.




Suikoden IVEdit

Before the Island Liberation War, upon meeting Razro, he took him aside and told him about how the Rune of Punishment consumes its master's life. He ordered Razro to gather many people with different talents and take them to the place where he and his friends stayed (which turned out to be a ship). When the Kooluk attacked Obel, he reluctantly left his daughter, Flare, behind, but told her to hang in there.

He went to the Nest of Pirates, where he met his acquaintance Kika and asked if they could join forces to liberate the Island Nations. He told her about the increasing impact of the Kooluk, as well as the role of the Cray Trading Company in this war. She finally joined him, and the Island Liberation Navy gained one more ship, The Grishend. He also sent Razro, Dario, Sigurd and Hervey to recruit the retired tactician, Elenor Silverberg. When they finally did so, Elenor discussed with the other crew members over a recapturing strategy. Lino En Kuldes decided to have a one-on-one combat with Razro to see who would take helm of the Island Liberation Navy. Razro won, and received the Golden Seal from Lino En Kuldes, the latter temporarily abdicating his throne.

When it was finally time to return to Obel, Lino put on his kingly robes in an unprecedented scene and announced his arrival. His fleet successfully defeated the Kooluk fleet, causing them to retreat. Lino En Kuldes reclaimed the throne of Obel once more.

After the war, Lino proposed the creation of the Island Nations Federation, to unify the islands, and avoid that such things, like the Kooluk invasion, ever happens again.

Suikoden TacticsEdit

During the Fall of Kooluk, Lino meets Kyril, a young man researching the Rune Cannons, by suggestion of the Pirate Kika, due the possible Kooluk involvement on it, along with their suspicions activities on the Island Nations territory, breaking the peace treaty that issued after the end of the Island Liberation War. King Lino said he couldn't help Kyril officially due his position, but could help Kyril under "unofficial" means.

Lino then sends Mizuki and Akaghi to aid Kyril on his search. Lino then, little by little, sent support to Kyril on his excursions to Kooluk, including Razro, former leader of the Island Liberation Navy, and several other powerful warriors who fought on the Island Liberation War as well. Until the time came for King Lino himself to join Kyril's group, when he gained the support of the Island Council to launch an attack on Kooluk.

After the fight in the Kooluk Imperial City of Graska, King Lino decided to keep helping Kyril personally, once again, under "unofficial" terms.

Without knowing his son's true identity, it appears that King Lino had plans on making Lazlo as his successor to the throne.

Role in the GameEdit

Joins automatically after fleeing Obel.


Right Hand------------------
Left Hand------------------

Starting Equipment Best Equipment
Head none Ogre Helm
Body Battle Suit Ogre Mail
Hand none Ogre Breath
Foot Silver Boots Ogre Boots
Other 1 none Power Rings
Other 2 none Power Rings
Other 3 none Power Rings

Naval Status
Captain Yes Gunner Yes Fighter Yes
Underlings 30
As Captain of the Ship
Mobility 20 Hull None Move +1
Range None
If Defeated by Rune Cannon:
"They've got us..."
If Defeated by Bording or Surrender:
"Damn! We surrender..."
As Rune Cannon Gunner
Element Fire Water Lightning Wind Earth
Strength 8 8 8 8 10

Character Statistics
HP 599
LVL 1 7/7
LVL 2 4/4
LVL 3 2/2
LVL 4 1/1
LVL 99 ATK 442
EXP 999 DEF 179
STR 194 PDF 179
SKL 131 MDF 120
MAG 105 SPD 116
EVA 101 LUC 137

Weapon Type: Spear
Weapon Starting Level: 5

Weapon Growth
Name Aten Horus Pharaoh
Level 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16
Strength 18 25 40 56 75 80 100 135 150 163 174 185 210 220 240 250

Lino En Kuldes can participate in the Family Attack and the Spear Attack.

Lino has a Good Will with Eugene, Flare, Razro and Rachel.

  • Keen: You have done well by coming here. In this room, you may confess what is in your heart and accept proper judgement.
Lino: Judgement, huh... Well, I guess I'll humor you...
  • Keen: Would you secretly inform me about anyone on board this ship who you think is causing problems?
Lino: Hmm... Well, if I had to pick one... I suppose it would be Tov... He's certainly competent, but he is far lacking in social graces. Other than that.. probably Setsu and his gut...
  • Keen: Then, would you tell me what you think of Razro?
Lino: Oh, he's a good leader, I think.
  • Keen: Finally, quietly confess the things you wish to atone for, or all the things that you are thankful for.
Lino: ... Even as we speak, the people of the kingdom, are suffering... For that, I feel terrible...
  • Keen: Then, I shall pass judgement!

Lino: All right! Of course!!

Lino: What?! Wh-What is this about?! Heeeeyyyy!!

I know it seems like I ended up pushing this on to you, but you're this ship's leader now. We're counting on you.

Sorry this sounds like I'm lecturing you, but here's a piece of advice: A leader should always maintain a smile, even when it gets tough. Otherwise, no one will follow your lead. That's what I've learned, at least.

What do you think of Setsu's gut? I think it seems to be sticking out again recently...

Lino En Kuldes joins you automatically during the Battle at the Palace Gates in Chapter 18.

Lino is a powerful attacker. Mounting him to an owl is a bad idea because it'll make his Physical defense really low.

Starting Equipment Recommended Equipment
Body Knight Armor Hero's Armor/Holy Armor
Hand None Pirate King Bracers/Hand of God/Ogre Breath/Battle Bracelet/Dragon Scale Bracers
Mega Medicine Strength Sash
Mega Medicine Godspeed Anklet
Rage Force Bead Killer Ring
Rage Force Bead Berserker Belt
None Counter Ring
None Hero's Cape
None Razril Knight Token
None Dried Grass Amulet

Character Statistics
LVL 50 Ex. 999
Elemental Affinity Fire
HP 448
LVL 1 6/6
LVL 2 3/3
LVL 3 1/1
LVL 4 0/0
ATK 184 DEF 59
STR 85 PDF 60
SKL 53 MDF 38
MAG 29 SPD 41
EVA 54 LUC 57

Skills: Suikoden Tactics
Here are the List of Skills that Lino can learn.
•Counter Attack •Deflect Missiles •Battle Lust •Hidden Power •Bull's Eye
•Battle Lust •Armor Defense •Hidden Power •Extra Move •Godspeed •Jump

Weapon Growth
Name Aten Horus N/A
Level 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16
Strength 12 24 36 48 61 73 86 99 X X X X X X X X

Lino En Kuldes can participate in Family Attack, Flying Troop Attack, Mounted Troop Attack and the Spear Attack.

He have a Good Will with Flare, Razro, Rachel and Eugene.

Permanent Death: No



Damn it!

Sorry, not now!


Kyril can't send him on a mission.


  • If Razro stole Lino's royal outfit in the drawer of his room, there will be an alternate sequence at the end of the game where Flare will mention that the clothes are not here, and during the final sequence, Lino is instead seen speaking to the people wearing its normal outfit.


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