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Lu is the Chikei Star in Suikoden V.



An extremely ditzy teenage girl from Estrise, Lu originally didn't actually hold much interest in the workings of mechanical devices, often bugging Babbage and Sorensen about them simply because she thought they looked and sounded 'kewl'. Lu is currently working as an apprentice to Babbage.

Lu's mechanical revolving crossbow was actually designed for her by Babbage and constructed by Sorensen. It's said that the crossbow also has a mechanism built in which allows it to link with her other equipment somehow. This seems to be connected to her Mischief Rune, which may actually be the link in question.





During the Sun Rune War, she assisted Babbage and Freyjadour Falenas in their attempts to shut down the Revolving Bridge and afterwards accidentally lost the extremely rare gear from the bridge after trashing Babbage's office while 'just looking around'. After the Prince found the gear, a grateful Lu joined the Loyalist Army in gratitude.

While at Ceras Lake Castle, Lu actually became more and more interested in the internal workings of devices and began to work under Babbage, even going so far as to imitate his mannerisms, leaving Sorensen out in the cold. She also seemed to develop a quick crush on Shula Valya that quickly passed. Following the Sun Rune War, Lu continued to work under Babbage as his apprentice but with her natural temperament, who knows how long this career path lasted.

Role in the Game

After recruiting both Sorensen and Babbage, take Sorensen back to Babbage's Workshop in Estrise. Inside help Lu locate the missing Revolving Bridge gear (in a crate by the door) and she'll join you.

Lu is a rare Long range fighter that can strike up to four times in a single attack. With items, you can increase Lu's magic ability with Fire, Water, Lightning or Wind. She is however, worse with the Earth rune.

Default Equipment
Head Leather Hat
Body Leather Armor
Hand -
Foot Boots
Other 1 -
Other 2 -
Other 3 -
Other 4 -

Recommended Equipment
Head -
Body -
Hand -
Foot -
Other 1 -
Other 2 -
Other 3 -
Other 4 -

  • Head - Medium
  • Body - Chain
  • Hand - Medium
  • Foot - Medium

Character Statistics
HP 412
LVL 1 7
LVL 2 5
LVL 3 2
LVL 4 1
LVL 99 EXP 999
ATK 550 MAG 196
PDF 99 MDF 496
TEC 716 ACC 716
EVA 410 SPD 498
LCK 413

Weapon Type: Auto Crossbow
Weapon Range: L
Weapon Starting Level: 1

Weapon Growth
Name Puckle Bow Eiger Bow Gatling Bow
Level 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16
Strength 20 30 45 60 80 100 120 135 145 160 170 185 210 220 230 245

Lu can participate in Shoot and Smash and Teen Rebellion.

Character Skills
Name Max Rank
Stamina C
Attack C
Defense C
Technique A
Vitality C
Agility A

Character Skills
Name Max Rank
Magic C
Magic Defense C
Incantation C

Character Skills
Name Max Rank
Swift Foot SS

Lu gives the military unit she accompanies two uses of the Barrage ability.

  1. Lu´s a quirky kid who likes mechanical gizmos. She´s not so much interested in what they do, or how they´re built... She just likes the way they´re shaped and the way they move. Eh, kids like toys, I guess.
  2. Guess she´s forgotten all about that time she called you Apprentice Number 2. Not a care in the world, that girl.
  3. You know that revolving crossbow she´s got? Babbage designed it, and Sorensen put it together. Not sure, but there may be a mechanism in there to link the crossbow with her other equipment somehow.

  • You MEAN-O

C'mon, you said you wanted to be all talk-talk-talk alone on the roof, but you skipped out! You MEAN-O! MEAN-O!

  • Prince Number 2

Oooooh! It was Prince Number 2! Now it's clear! Good thing I didn't show either! You weren't all talk-talk-talk about not showing, so I thought you were a MEAN-O! But you're no mean-o! Prince Number 2 is!

  • Shula
No boy should be allowed to be that pretty!


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