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Lucretia Merces

"Do you understand, Your Highness? I made that decision quite easily, you see, despite knowing the consequences. If I think you are doing something wrong, Your Highness, I will betray you, too. So with that understood... Do you still want me to be your tactician?"

Lucretia Merces is the Tenki Star in Suikoden V.



Lucretia is the chief strategist of the Prince of Loyalist Army. She is 31 years old at the beginning of Suikoden V.

Lucretia’s exact origins are unclear besides the fact that she hails from an unspecified region to the north, on the Northern Continent, though a Grasslander necklace that she constantly carries and her aesthetic appearance suggest a Karayan descent. Much of her character background is unknown, but the game confirms the following information: Some time during her tenure in Harmonia, she met and befriended Cathari, a gunner and member of Harmonia's Howling Voice Guild. Marscal Godwin found her on a trip north and brought her back with him to Falena, where she became his advisor (though initially, people thought she was his mistress). Lucretia eventually cuts ties with the Godwins, notably by suggesting that Queen Arshtat bear the Sun Rune herself to protect it from nobles who would want the power themselves — in other words, the Godwins that Lucretia was theoretically supporting. This caused Arshtat's gradual change in personality by the corrupting power of the Sun Rune, and indirectly eventually led to Arshtat's death. Because of this, the queen's younger sister, Sialeeds, does not like Lucretia.

When the Dawn Rune was stolen in the Lordlake revolt, Lord Godwin used the excuse to exact revenge on Lucretia. Lucretia counseled clemency on Lordlake and Lord Rovere, but Arshtat, influenced by the Sun Rune, instead took draconian punishment measures. Marscal claimed that Lucretia had been disloyal by her suggestion to allow the outrage to go unpunished, and asked for her execution. Arshtat agreed to a point, but imprisoned her rather than executing her. During this time, she became close friends with two guards, Cius and Lelei, and began teaching Lelei the art of strategy. She predicted that either Lord Godwin would find her and execute her, or that Lord Barows would come seeking her help.



Lucretia believes a strategist should never make a public apology, because then people will lose faith in them. Apologies are made only in private to the general. This issue comes up when Lelei apologizes in council to the Prince. Lucretia's suggestion for the name of the Ceras Lake Castle is "May Sigh Shimmering On The Pale Blue Water." Raja comments that "You are an extremely talented tactician, but are awful in naming." Lucretia is the first strategist to the Hero in the Suikoden series who does not have any known connection (bloodline or not) to the Silverberg Family. (Shu was not a Silverberg, but did train under Mathiu Silverberg).

Marscal Godwin expected Lucretia to backstab the Prince, but that did not happen. Lucretia is actually entirely loyal to the Prince's cause, because she agreed with his ideals. She did not agree with Godwin ideals and therefore betrayed them.



During the Sun Rune War, the Prince of Falena comes. Lucretia informs the Prince beforehand about what went on between her and Arshtat and that if, at any time, Lucretia believes the Prince is doing the wrong thing, she will betray him. He still accepts her services.

Lucretia's first efforts are against Lord Barows's, in investigating his dealings with Armes and the theft of the Dawn Rune. During the course of the game, Lucretia plans meticulous strategies to return the royal family to power, while at the same time, promoting the Prince's image as a tolerant and good figure. An example of this effort was in getting the conscripted and scared guards of Hatred Fortress to abandon their posts before it is destroyed. She also anticipates the Godwins; knowing that the Godwins would expect the Prince to go to Raftfleet (should the player choose to abandon the Ceras Lake Castle), Lucretia insures that the Prince's double, Roy, is there instead.

During the siege of Sol-Falena, Lucretia talks to the dying Sialeeds. Despite Sialeeds' hatred for Lucretia, they both respect each other, and both believe the Prince is a wonderful young man, though Lucretia seems to have more confidence in his constitution than does his aunt. After the liberation of Sol-Falena, Lucretia confides in the prince that she had seen the power of a True Rune once before when she was about 3. In this confession, she said that it was a massive fire that burnt all the bodies to cinders and left the land barren. It is likely that she was on the Grasslands when the Flame Champion lost control of the True Fire Rune and created a fire that destroyed both the invading Harmonian and Grassland forces.

After the war, Lucretia vanishes, along with Lelei. Years later, Lucretia and Lelei part ways, with the latter returning to Falena.

Role in the GameEdit

Automatically recruited after the event in Agate Prison.

Lucretia normally accompanies the military unit of the Prince and gives that unit the Frenzy ability.

  1. Lucretia was Lord Godwin´s tactician, but she got in the way of his ambitions, and he and his family locked her up. Later, this great Prince came along and rescued her, and she became his tactician. That´s about the gist of it.
  2. Lord Godwin originally found her on a trip to the northern continent and came back with her. At first, people called her his mistress, but after all she did during the Armes invasion, no one ever bad-mouthed her again.
  3. She always carries this unusal necklace, with braided cord and gems, but I´ve never seen her wear it. It looks like it might have come from a Grasslands clan, way up to the north.

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