Bob of the Lycanthropes

Lycanthropes (also known as werewolves) are a race of wolfmen capable of assuming human form, generally through the means of the Rabid Fang Rune. By using the rune, the bearer is able to remain in human form for as long as they like, unless they lose their concentration, such as during a sneeze. Whether all lycanthropes use runes for such means is unknown, as very little about the race has ever been recorded. Regardless in their wolf form they are incredibly strong warriors, nearly outclassing any other race in brute strength. In Harmonia, the race has been integrated into the non-human caste where they are little better off than third class citizens. There used to be a Lycanthrope Village (or clan) in the Grasslands, but it was destroyed by the sorceress Windy in her quest for powerful runes. The only known survivor of the devastation was Bob, who fought in the Dunan Unification War.

An intriguing case of 'reverse lycanthropy' was noted in the case of Ernst, a boy from the Zelant Kingdom. A Beast Rune was permanently affixed to his forehead in a Sindar ruin; this forced him into the form of a leopard that he can only escape from for limited periods of time. Interestingly, Ernst was able to leave this form during a full moon. What connection, if any, this condition has to true Lycanthropes is currently unknown.

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