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The Magician's Island (魔術師の島) is a location in Suikoden and Suikoden III.


Located far more north than any of the other towns or villages in the Arlus region, Magician's Island is an isolated island that is mostly unpopulated. The island cannot be accessed easily due to its elevated cliffs, the only way to access it is with the help of Dragons. The island has a dense forest with a huge tower in its center.


Magician's Island artwork

The former home of the Scarlet Moon Empire's former seer, Leknaat, who used to live in the tower which dominates the landscape of the island. The tower is protected by Leknaat's powerful magic; Leknaat had feared her sister Windy coming after her, and as such one must have been invited by Leknaat herself should they wish to meet with her.

It had been previously reached by the Dragon Knights of Toran, who would escort the messengers coming for Lady Leknaat's astrological readings as well as by Tir McDohl and his entourage when they went to receive Leknaat's astrological predictions.

After the Scarlet Moon Empire was defeated and Windy along with it, Leknaat departed from the island along with her apprentice, Luc. However, the place did not stay vacant for long; Hellion, the newly appointed Seer, moved in soon after Leknaat's disappearance.