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Maki (マキ) is a minor character in Genso Suikogaiden Vol. 2. She is the childhood friend of Camus, who she assisted in defending Milit when Clant and the fake Fire Bringer attempted to raid the Grasslands village.


Maki is the daughter of merchants. She moved to Milit at a young age, where she met Camus, who had just joined the Matilda Knights due to a lack of opportunities in the Free Knights of Camaro. The two quickly became childhood friends.

Many years later, while speaking with villagers in Milit, Maki learned that Camus had left the Matilda Knights after becoming disgusted with Gorudo's leadership and had joined the New State Army. During the war, rogue Allied Army troops raided Millit for supplies. The Allied Army's administration was unaware of the soldiers' sacking of Milit, and as such, sent no aid to the town. This incident quickly soured the town's view of the newly-formed Dunan Republic.

Following the war, Camus came to visit Maki, as well as to help his friend Miklotov by recruiting young men in Milit to join the Matilda Knights, though this was met with some difficulty, as the chief of the village was not keen on seeing the last few young men leave the village. Even their visit with Maki was was far from a peaceful one, as during Camus' stay, Clant, claiming to be the Flame Champion, raided the town and threatened the villagers. Clant used a powerful fire spell on Camus and Maki, but Nash Latkje, also visiting the town, managed to save them both by casting a spell at the last second. However, Camus was injured from the spell.

Maki took care of Camus during his injury, dressing his wounds and urging him to rest in bed. Maki and Camus shared some of their history with Nash and Gijimu; Gijimu commented that Camus must have always taken a special care towards Milit due to Maki's influence. During Camus' recuperation, Maki became irritated at Miklotov, who she felt did not trust her; Miklotov rarely left her and Camus alone, though Miklotov was more likely oblivious to Maki's desires than he was mistrusting of her.

The chief of Millit, touched by the warriors' attempt to save his village, allowed the young men of Milit to mobilize to mount a counter attack against Clant. As they launched the counter attack, Maki gave Camus her greatest treasure: a dagger that had once belonged to her father. She urged Camus to be quite careful with it. During the battle, the dagger began to shine; Camus quickly hurled the dagger towards Clant's supposed True Fire Rune. The dagger nullified the effects of the rune, and without the use of it, Clant quickly became overwhelmed by Miklotov and Camus, who defeated him, putting the Fake Flame Champion's raid to an end and saving Milit.

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