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Marscal Godwin is one of the main antagonists of Suikoden V.



Marscal is the head of the House of Godwin, and is one of the most powerful and influential nobles in the Senate. He is the father of Gizel Godwin and Rosalind Godwin's husband. They are based in Stormfist.

In the year 350, one hundred years before the Sun Rune War, the House of Godwin took over Stormfist after overthrowing the House of Aethelbald, who were the current rulers at that time. This overthrowing would quickly make them as one of the most influential noble families in the Queendom of Falena.

The rivalry between the House of Barows and the House of Godwin created misfortune between the two families. The head of the House of Barrows, Salum Barrows, started to worry about the reduction of their influence when two male members of the Godwin family were married to both Queen Olhazeta Falenas and Princess Shahrewar Falenas.

This mounting worry would lead to Salum influencing Princess Falzrahm, younger sister to Shahrewar and the wife of Kauss Barows, to take the throne for herself, knowing full-well that feeding into Falzrahm's desire for the throne would cause a bloody war of succession. And so both Falzrahm and Shahrewar fought each other for the throne, and it would lead to countless casualties on both sides, including the deaths of both Marscal's cousin Mardas Godwin and his wife Rosalind.


Marscal wears a white and gold military officer's uniform, accompanied with a brown and gold-accented shoulder cape, a red and gold sash around his waist, and black leather knee-high boots.


Marscal is a militant man who believes that the only way for a country to succeed is to have unrivaled military strength, rigid order, and centralized government.



Marscal is first seen when the Royal Family pull into the pier of Stormfist, greeting them as they dock. He was well-aware of the schemes that Gizel had planned when the Sacred Games were taking place, such as having the Barows' gladiator Zegai disqualified because of his supposed association with Armes as a spy. During a private discussion between the two, Marscal would scold Gizel about his scheming.

After the Sacred Games end, he sees Prince Freyjadour Falenas' rising suspicion of him and the rest of the House of Godwin as a problem in the future, so after seeing the Royal Family leave Stormfist, he warns Gizel about how his schemes might work in the short term, but he may be planting the seeds for future problems.

Marscal did not come to Gizel and Princess Lymsleia Falenas' engagement ceremony, but came after the Godwins' coup of the Sun Palace was a success. He expressed some delight after seeing the Sun Rune in the Sealed Room, claiming it now to be his. He is no fool however, and knew that Gizel would try to have it affixed to him, but would end up failing.

During the Sun Rune War, Marscal devoted his time towards studying the Sun Rune, and he recruited many Sindar scholars to help with researching it. Eventually, the scholars had successfully discovered a way to use the Sun Rune without affixing it onto the human body. Marscal would then use the Sun Rune to destroy the Sol-Falena's southern dam to wash away the Loyalist Army, but would fail when Sialeeds Falenas countered it. Before Sol-Falena would be recaptured, Marscal would flee to some ruins hidden in the Ashtwal Mountains, with the Sun Rune bust in tow.

When Freyjadour and Lyon finally reach Marscal in the heart of the ruins for one more confrontation, he told that the reason their side lost is because he underestimated Freyjadour, and the reason why he melted the glacier was to lead Him and his Loyalist Army there. He also had no intention of flooding Falena because he love Falena as much as they do. Marscal's reason on why he killed so many people is because he wanted Falena to be strong and prosperous country, but he thinks that they have become spellbound by the power of the Sun Rune before they realized it. This would create a sense of entitlement, displaying thoughts that justice was on their side, and that it was all right to destroyed anyone who disobeyed.

Marscal also said that he is not saying all of this because the Sun Rune bewitched him, it's more like he chose to let the Sun Rune's power intoxicate him, and that in the end he lost. He would ask Freyjadour if he can really say that he is different from them, and to make him swear that he would pass the Sun Rune onto the next generation without getting lost in its power. After Freyjadour swears that he can, Marscal then uses the full power of the Sun Rune to summon the Sun Rune Incarnation to prove it. When the final battle is finished, Marscal's body disappears after using the Sun Rune, effectively ending the House of Godwin. Marscal is seen later in the ending sequence, silently saluting Freyjadour.



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