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Mathiu Silverberg

But today.... I have realized something. Even if I close my eyes, the world will not disappear.

Mathiu Silverberg is the Tenki Star in Suikoden. Being the Tenki Star, Mathiu is the strategist for the Liberation Army.



Mathiu is a member of the famous Silverberg Family. He has a sister named Odessa Silverberg and an uncle named Leon Silverberg. During the Succession War, he was a military strategist working under Kasim Hazil. After working for Kasim, he worked as Vice-Strategist under Leon, but resigned after the Kalekka Incident occured. He then went on to the Grasslands and spent a few years there. He came back to Scarlet Moon Empire and stayed in his home in Seika. At Seika, he started to teach the children military strategy of which of his student were Shu and Apple.





After Odessa's death, the party was entrusted with finding a man named Mathiu at Seika. As they arrive at Seika, they asked a man for the whereabouts of Mathiu, with the man pointing to a nearby house. The party approaches the house and does not find Mathiu inside it, but instead children who tell them Mathiu went outside for a walk. After leaving the house, the party encounters the man once more and Viktor deduces him as Mathiu. Tir presents Odessa's earring to Mathiu, who sternly refuses it and calls her a fool before going back to his house. The party follows him once more into his house, only to receive the same answer. They leave the area and ponder how to convince Mathiu until a group of Imperial soldiers rush to his house. They watch as the Imperial soldiers try to cajole Mathiu into serving the Imperial army once more under the orders of Kasim Hazil. Mathiu refuses and calls himself a recluse as the Imperial soldiers continue to press upon him, using one of his students against him. Tir and the party aid Mathiu and defeat the Imperial soldiers, saving Mathiu and the children.

Following the battle, Mathiu entreats the party to a conversation wherein he reveals himself as Odessa's brother. Cleo wonders aloud why Mathiu reacted so cruelly towards her, with the latter stating that he found wars and senseless killing abject while his sister fought eagerly for her beliefs. He then asks Cleo how Odessa described him, with Cleo stating that she specifically described as "just as a man in Seika named Mathiu." This leads Mathiu to conclude that Odessa never forgave him for discarding his prowess and being a coward. Mathiu tells the party of the awful sight he witnessed during his time in the prior war, watching friends and foes die alike. He was so very eager and willing to forget the image, even to the point of having his sister reject him, but Mathiu has an epiphany and comes to the conclusion that even abiding by the doing of nothing won't stop the terrors of war, hence he decided to follow in his sister's footsteps to succeed her dream.

Gremio asks Mathiu if he'll accept the earring but to no avail, with Tir asking the latter as to why not. Mathiu reveals to Tir that Odessa gave him the earring because she saw something in Tir and him to meet her brother and lead the Liberation Army. Tir accepts Odessa's legacy and Mathiu happily avails himself to Tir's cause, stating that they needed volunteers that were dissatisfied with the Empire's rule.

Eventually Mathiu led the Liberation Army to many victories. During the battle at Shasarazade Mathiu was severely wounded but instead resting to recover from his injuries, he pushed himself even further and marched together with the Liberation Army to Gregminster, which worsened his health. He died in Liukan's tent when he heard the Emperor has fallen.

Role in the Game

Mathiu joins automatically after Tir agrees to become leader of the Liberation Army.

Mathiu joins the Liberation Army as their chief strategist, and he is one of the reasons the Silverberg name is known for genius battle strategies. Mathiu also aids in the recruitment of strategist Leon Silverberg.

S1 Mathiu Portrait.pngLeonsilverberg03.gifApple07.png

  • Type: Others
  • Power: 50% extra power for Charge units for the next rounds, one round per strategist recruited.

"See the power of the science!"

"This... can't be... happen... " *

*Present in the game's coding, but not used.


  • "There is a thing called flow in this world. There is a thing called timing in warfare. If we lose this opportunity, we will never defeat the Empire!"
  • "Odessa told me that a powerful man who doesn't use his power is a coward."
  • "Master Liukan, I despise war. I've always believed that to take the life of another, for whatever reason, was wrong. Yet I became a military strategist, and took many lives. Master Liukan...did I do the right thing? Perhaps I should have stayed in that village, fishing my idle moments away, until my death..."
  • "All of this killing in front of a children..."
  • "See the power of the science."


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