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Matilda flag

The Matilda Knightdom (マチルダ騎士団領, Machiruda Kishidan Ryou) is a type of location in Suikoden II.

History and LoreEdit

Prior to IndependenceEdit

The lands of Matilda were part of Muse and so left the Dunan Kingdom in SY 210 to form the Muse City-State.

In the year SY 280, in order to counter the military strength of Highland, the Mathilda Knights were formed with the financial support of Muse. Knights in surrounding areas also joined this force and took up residence in what was then northern Muse Principality.

Their importance and skill in this role meant that by SY 294, the Matilda Knights gained independence from Muse rule so that they could create the Matilda Knightdom. The lands of northern Muse thus became the lands of Matilda.

Jowston AllianceEdit

Matilda was one of the founding members of the City-States of Jowston in SY 314 although a minor quarrel was raised over the naming of the new country. Matilda felt that naming the nation after Muse general, Jowston, disregarded their own efforts in defending the land against Highland. This was soon sorted however with the reasoning behind the naming of the nation being changed to the hill where the agreement was signed (Jowston Hill) rather than the man himself.

During the Jowston-Highland War of SY 428, Matilda fell to the Highland Kingdom and was won back by SY 432, thanks to Genkaku.

Dunan Unification WarEdit

Although Matilda initially supported the Muse forces during the Dunan Unification War, they soon withdrew and the region maintained a neutral stance for much of the war. This would work against the region, however, when the continued rise of Highland power forced Matilda to become a vassal state until its liberation by the Allied Army.

Following the war, Matilda plays an important part in the defense of the new Dunan Republic and also engages in trade with Harmonia, mostly dealing in horses.



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