A group of knights based in the former Scarlet Moon Empire, originally founded by Maximillian himself, with a fierce dedication to the eradication of evil and the fight for truth and justice. The organization's roots may stretch back to a man by the name of Gary who also held a strong sense of justice, carried a pendant bearing a emblem remarkably similar to that of the Maximillian Knights and whose last movements held him as heading towards the Scarlet Moon Empire in the early 300's. The Maximillian Knights were not a formal part of the Scarlet Moon military but were allowed to remain in the nation as the Knights pledged to help the Empire in any battle they deemed a battle for justice. However, as the Empire grew more corrupt, relations became strained as the organization frequently criticized such changes. Eventually, after aiding Jowston in their war with Highland (428-434), the organization was ordered to disband.

Individual knights still dedicated to the organization, however, still journeyed far and wide, upholding the principles of justice and the destruction of evil, in all forms. A prominent example of this would be the duo of Isabel and Mathias, who aided the Falenan Loyalist Army during the Falenan Civil War (449-450).

The organization was revived, however, in the middle of the Toran Liberation War (455-457). Seeing the Toran Liberation Army as a true force for justice, fighting against the heavily-corrupt Scarlet Moon Empire, Maximillian joined the force. Hearing of this, 1,200 former members of the organization rose up to come to his aid, making the Maximillian Knights the most formidable regiment in the entire rebel army.

Following the end of the war and the formation of the Toran Republic, the group disbanded once again and Maximillian entered retirement until 460 when the Dunan Unification War flared up between Jowston and Highland. Journeying to Jowston in order to aid the Allied Army there, the call went out again but by this point most of Maximillian's former comrades had either become too weak or had passed away, limiting the effectiveness of the unit.

Several years later, Maximillian passed away and his grandson, Fred Maximillian, took the reigns of captaincy. However, by this time, the Maximillian Knights consisted only of himself and his squire, Rico. However, there is some indication that the group might enjoy something of a renaissance in the future after Fred's role in the Second Fire Bringer War (475). Until then, the organization now exists merely as a bunch of individual knights dedicated to uphold the principles of truth, justice, and the destruction of evil.


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