The Mercenary Fortress (傭兵砦, Youhei Toride) is a location in Suikoden II.


It is a Headquarters built by Viktor at the request of Anabelle, mayor of Muse City, as a line of defence for the otherwise paltry defended section of eastern Muse Principality. The Mercenary Fortress is primarily meant as a defensive stronghold should the Highland Army attack eastern Muse.

Mercenary Fortress Flag

Mercenary Fortress Flag

This event came to pass during SY 460 when Luca Blight swept through the area. Solon Jhee, a general under Luca Blight, attacked the fortress, but the mercenaries managed to defeat him through clever use of their Fire Spears; however, the mercenaries' victory was short lived as Luca Blight ambushed the mercenary troops in a second attack, resulting in a rapid defeat. Most of the mercenaries fled towards Muse City and, following it's taking by Highland, North Window Castle, becoming part of the later established New State Army.

For quite some time, Highland controlled the Mercenary Fortress; however, they withdrew following the death of Luca Blight, leaving it open for the Allied Army to recapture. The fortress was then used in a strategy by Shu; Kiba Windamier attacked the Fortress, forcing Leon Silverberg to go to it and defend it, splitting the Highland forces. Unfortunately, Kiba Windamier was fatally injured during this battle.

Following this, the fortress soon fell under Allied control through the rest of the war; however, due to the amount of battle it had seen, it was considered dangerous to use.


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