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Murad is the Chijyu Star in Suikoden V.



Murad is a doctor who is an expert on medicine department. He and Silva studied medicine under the same teacher.


Murad have grey hairs. He wears a white medical uniform, he wears a grey pant and a yellow scarf around his neck.


Murad is a person who take his doctor's job very seriously. For him, the treatment of the wounded people in battle comes first and always said that a doctor shouldn't pick up sides and remains neutral, no matter what. But after all he have witnessed and the systematic excessive use of force by the Godwins, his point of view changed progressively until he had it completely enough and finally sided and joined the Loyalist Army.



During the Sacred Games, he was in the Stormfist infirmary of the stadium and worked there as a doctor. His job was to treat the injured persons from the Sacred Games.

At the start of Sun Rune War, he was brought by Ferid Egan to Sol-Falena to make an antidote for the Dark Arcanum. Even though he did his job perfectly, the Sun Palace still fell in Godwins' hands.

Later Murad went from town to town, giving treatment to the injured people. He met Freyjadour Falenas on every town he went. Freyjadour asked him to join the Loyalist Army several times, but Murad stated that a doctor must be neutral and refused the offer. But after seeing the brutality Godwins brought to people, he finally decided to join the Loyalist Army.

At the Ceras Lake Castle the Loyalist Army's headquarter, he met Silva again and worked with her. After the war, he used Nether Gate's leftover specimens to concoct many new groundbreaking medicines.

Role in the Game

Talk to him at each location and offer to let him join 4 times:

1. Rainwall - From the first appearance of Dinn until before the first battle with Bahram Luger.

2. Raftfleet - After defeating Bahram Luger's fleet for the first time until you gain the Dawn Rune.

3. Lordlake - From when Boz leaves to negotiate with Sable until the first battle at Lelcar.

4. Lelcar - From after you enter the HQ meeting room after winning the battle at Lelcar until you enter your own room in the HQ and choose "Yeah, I'll do that".

5. Beaver Lodge - From when you enter the HQ's meeting room after you gain Beaver Lodge's support until you commence the attack at Doraat.

6. Doraat - From after the battle at Doraat until the start of the New Queen's Conquest.

7. Raftfleet - From either before the Lelcar or Lordlake defense battle until before the "final defense" battle at your HQ or before you take your HQ back.

8. Sable - From before the battle where you chase after Childerich or Armes until the battle at Stormfist.

9. Stormfist - From after taking over Stormfist until before Sol-Falena's Battle.
Note: This is the last chance to recruit him, he couldn't be recruited after.

Murad adds the Treatment ability that heals your party after combat is over.

Murad adds the Relief ability that allows a unit to regain health after combat.

  1. There´s no better expert on medicines. He proved that at the Sacred Games, and again when Ferid asked him to prepare that Dark Arcanum antidote.
  2. He and Silva studied medicine under the same teacher, who taught them all about "humanitarian principles," apparently.
  3. After the uprising two years ago, he packed for Lordlake, too. But when he heard Silva was already there, he changed his mind. Lordlake wasn´t the only place that needed doctors, he said.

  • The Swordsman of the Final Match

So he and that inn girl are back together with Your Highness again, are they? I was afraid he would have side effects from that strange drug, but I'm relieved to see he seems fine.

  • The Competitor in Round 1, Match Six

That young swordsman was the Lindwurm Mercenary Brigade's blademaster? That's surprising.

  • Raging Nostrum
I could never leave such a dangerous drug just lying around, but I have to have some on hand to make the antidote. Though administering the antidote may be the tricky part, especially if they took the drug of their own free will...


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