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"Riou... let's stop this fighting... There's no reason for you to keep fighting... we fight, we get hurt, we wield weapons, we kill people, there's no reason to do these things. Why? Why, Riou?"

Nanami is the Tenjyu Star in Suikoden II.
She also appears in Genso Suikogaiden Vol. 1 and Genso Suikogaiden Vol. 2.



Nanami is the step-sister of Riou and adopted daughter of Genkaku. As a young girl, she mainly played with her brother and Jowy, and really nobody else, so she became an outcast along with the other two. She is an adept user of the three-piece-rod and her agility in battle is rarely bested. Following Genkaku's death, she tried hard to re-establish his dojo, but this did not work, which resulted in Riou's decision to join the military.


Nanami is a young girl with short brown hair and wears a pink headband. She wears a pink and white Chinese qipao with yellow short sleeves with pink and white folded sleeves, green baggy pants, and Chinese toe shoes. She also wears a pale green scarf with green lines that is tied on her waist.


Nanami was a nice and happy person and sometimes being tomboyish, as mentioned by one of the guards in Muse City, calling her a "frog faced tomboy" prior to going to the Sindar Ruins with Alex. She is also a person that always thought herself is a person that is very attractive. She was very caring and straightfoward to her brother, Riou, as well as their childhood friend Jowy. However, as game moves along, she is shown to be a person that is quite naïve, where during the conflicts of the war, she wants the two to stop fighting but both continues to fight each other due to their destiny with their true runes attached on their right hands. She has shown keep asking Riou to abandon his destiny of leading the New State Army to achieve peace in Dunan by telling him to run away from his fight.

During the events in Tinto, if the player listens to Nanami's advice of running away from Riou's fight, Riou and Nanami will run away, and when they arrive at Crom Village, Shu and some members will come to search for Riou. Shu will then tell Riou and Nanami that because Riou ran away, Ridley ended up being killed by Neclord's army because Ridley wanted to search for Riou. Nanami will keep telling Riou that she promised Genkaku that she will take care of him, and she does not want to see Riou and Jowy fighting together, but her naiveness has hurt Riou more. She kept saying sorry and telling Riou that he can make his own decision. The player can choose either to keep fighting or leave with Nanami to abandon Riou's fight. If the player chose to fight, Ridley will be replaced by his son Boris.

In the game, it is shown that Nanami will keep forcing herself into the party and saying dialogues that show her characteristics such as naiveness, gaining attention, and others.

During the siege on Rockaxe, she is shown to be protective to both Riou and Jowy even if they have conflicts with each other, as she wields her three-piece rod to confront Gorudo and his knights, but she was heavily injured from their arrow shots. This causes the both of them to get angry at them and to kill Gorudo.

In Genso Suikogaiden Vol. 1, Nanami also shows that she's a horrible cook, as seen when she prepares her stew to the protagonist Nash Latkje, but the latter ends up getting sick, making her angry at him.


Suikoden II

Upon Riou's return to Kyaro, she was imprisoned along with him, but escaped and joined Viktor's Mercenaries. She was always by Riou's side as his protector, but after Riou accepted his role as the leader of the New State Army, she began to wonder why her brother must be the leader.

Nanami tried to convince Riou to quit fighting and run away many times throughout the war, but Riou refused. Eventually, she decided to simply let Riou fight out his war, but secretly she was hurt by the fact that her brother had to fight against their childhood friend, Jowy Atreides. During the siege on Rockaxe, Nanami was heavily injured by an arrow shot from Gorudo's Knights. Depending on whether there are 108 stars or not, she either dies from the wound or she is thought to have died, but this is just a ploy to get away from the war. She was tired of having to watch her brother suffer and she didn't want to fight against Jowy. Thus, she stayed in Kyaro until the end of the war. After the war, she travels with Riou and Jowy.

Role in the Game

Nanami joins while escaping Kyaro if the player chooses to rescue her. If not, Nanami joins automatically at the first visit to Muse after getting the Bright Shield Rune. She permanently leaves after liberating Rockaxe.

Nanami is a balanced character, with high speed status.

Weapon Type: Tri-Nunchaku
Weapon Range: M
Weapon Starting Level: 2

Weapon Growth
Name Flower Rod Blossom Rod Eden Rod
Level 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16
Strength 7 9 11 12 17 22 37 44 51 59 69 78 91 125 145 165

  • Right Hand - None
  • Left Hand - None
  • Weapon - No Rune attached

Character Statistics
HP 697
LVL 1 8
LVL 2 5
LVL 3 2
LVL 4 1
LVL 99 ATK 150
EX 999 DEF 154
STR 320 PDF 255
SKL 197 MDF 165
MAG 134 SPD 225

Default Equipment
Helmet Feathered Hat
Armor Tunic
Shield [none]
Other 1 Medicine (x4)
Other 2 Gloves
Other 3 Wooden Shoes

Recommended Equipment
Helmet -
Armor -
Shield [none]
Other 1 -
Other 2 -
Other 3 -

Nanami can participate in the Family Attack and Leisure Attack with Riou.

Nanami is a support Unit. +1 ATK +1 DEF.

Nanami can be sided with other comrades in the war tactics, as her only skill was the Medicine skill.

Repair Self (x1) - Removes one sword damage (own unit only).



Name: Nanami
Age: 16
From: Kyaro, Highland Kingdom
Position: Royal Guard

Note: None

"Wow. I feel sorry for you all right. You had to eat her cooking when you were growing up? Blech!....."

"It sounds like she really wants to go back to Kyaro. She's got lots of memories from there...."

"Does she really have to train all night long? All the soldiers complain about the noise she makes."

This is the suggestion box, huh. Just wanted to see if you'd read this. Hee hee hee. See ya, bro.

Everyone here is so nice. But I still want to go back to Kyaro someday, don't you?

"There must have been some rough meals for Riou growing up. Let's hear it for Nanami!!!"

Nanami: "Huh? What!!!! What do you mean!!!!"


  • When Nanami is jailed, she mentions her secret ability to attack the guards called "Golden bird holy flower dragon tooth glory punch!".
  • If Rina is not in your party in the North Sparrow Pass, Nanami will take her place and attempts to talk with the guard. It will fail but will cause a glitch that makes you pass through the guards.
  • If you don't take Nanami along with you to Two River, (i.e. she's not in your party when you return to the war room from there), she comments on her concern for you while you were away.
  • Beth is her fake name in Suikoden II.
  • When liberating Rockaxe, if Nanami has less than 121 DEF, and if you fail to respond to Nanami in that 3 seconds that you have when defending against Gorudo's men, you will leave Nanami defending alone and the best ending cannot be obtained. It is also unobtainable when all 108 Stars of Destiny have not been recruited.


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