The New Capital Calendar is the system of dates used by the Queendom of Falena as opposed to the IS, Solar Year Calendar, which was created by the Holy Kingdom of Harmonia. The New Capital Calendar was established approximately 212 years after the start of the Harmonian Solar Year calendar, when the Queendom moved their capital from Stormfist to Sol-Falena.

Calculating the Starting YearEdit

According to the Timeline, Georg Prime was born in IS 420. Also, according to Old Book 5 (S5), the Succession Conflict of Falena began in NCC 210. Therefore, using some rough approximation, it can be argued that The New Capital Calendar begins somewhere around the year IS 200 (plus or minus 30 years).

More specific calculations, based on the information in Old Book 5, and some other sources, date the New Capital Calendar as being started exactly 212 years after the Solar Year Calendar.