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Norden is the Chiyu Star in Suikoden V.



Norden is a former Vice-Commander of the Barows garrison under Euram Barows. After the Lordlake uprising, he resigned and spend his time drinking in Rainwall's Tavern.





During the Sun Rune War, to uncover the secret of Salum Barows's involvenment in the Lordlake uprising, Lucretia Merces sent Freyjadour to Oboro. Oboro, Shigure and Sagiri trace Norden who knows Salum's involvement and after confronting Norden in the tavern, they brought him to Lordlake. Norden's presence in Lordlake cause Salum to be threaten and as a result Salum sent his soldier to keep him silence. Later Norden realize his mistake, he ask for forgiveness and tell everything he know about the Lordlake uprising.

Later, Norden came to Barows Mansion when Salum's evil secret revealed, Salum was hiding the Dawn Rune in his basement. Norden tell everything he knew, the reason why the people of Lordlake protest was, after Salum Barow started building his dam, lots of debris washed down the river. Lordlake was downriver from the dam, so this contaminated their water supply and the rumor that Lord Rovere led the uprising is not true, Lord Rovere did his best to convince the group to remain calm. When Euram Barows saw the mob was coming from Lordlake, it was far too big for them to control so he panicked. Euram ordered Norden to seize the offensive and scattered them. Norden told to his superior that Lord Rovere was trying to calm the people down but he don't listen. In the end Lord Rovere could not calm the mob and they are the one who got scattered. The mob smashed up the dam, but they still weren't done with their rampage. Someone insisted that they head directly to Sol-Falena to loadge a formal protest with the Queen and so they went. When Salum received this report he gave a secret order to his private soldiers. He commanded to mix in with the rioters and incite them to attack the East Palace. Norden didn't go to the East Palace so he didn't know the whole story there. But with the Dawn Rune discovered on the basement it is clear what Salum's intention were.

Many days had pass, Norden met Freyjadour again and he was recruited as the member of the Loyalist Army. After the war, he works tirelessly on Lordlake's reconstruction. Cries with joy at the return of his wife, whom he remarries.

Role in the Game

After the relocation from Rainwall to Raftfleet, talk to him in the Raftfleet Inn and allow him to join. If you didn't recruit him in Raftfleet, Norden will move to Lordlake after its restoration. He can be found in the northwest at the town's entrance.

Norden can command an infantry unit on land or a combat ship at sea. He adds a defense bonus as a second in command and, regardless of his position, he grants his unit one use of the Charge ability.

Note: Norden is one of several characters that can die permanently in battle if his unit is destroyed.

  1. Norden was Vice-Captain of the Barows garrison. After the Lordlake uprising, he resigned and started drinking, but we persuaded him to tell us the real story.
  2. Euram was technically Norden´s superior, but Norden was the real man in charge. Still, whenever Euram spouted orders, actually on a whim, Norden couldn´t go against him. That´s how the trouble started...
  3. Did you hear his wife left him? We actually went out and found her. Apparently, she had no idea why Norden started drinking. We told her everything. Probably overstepped our bounds as bit in the process, but hey...

  • Bastan

We've both been treated badly by the Barows family, so we get along well. I'd like to go buy him a drink sometime.

  • The Captain of the Barows Garrison
He came to apologize to me, too. He said that confronting the people of Lordlake two years back was one of the scariest things he'd ever done. He said that's why he gave the order to attack, but that he's regretted it ever since. While it's not my place to say this sort of thing, please forgive him.


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