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The North Window Village (ノースウィンドゥ) is a location in Suikoden II.


It is located to the northwest of South Window City, on the southwest side of Dunan Lake. During the Dunan Unification War it becomes the HQ of the New State Army and was renamed Dunan Castle.

History & Lore

North Window was once a bustling town with fortifications that made it virtually impenetrable to enemy attacks. It once played a part when the Scarlet Moon Empire invaded and was used to launch a counter strike.

It was a big village that rivaled South Window City, but in year 449 of the Solar Calendar it was raided by zombie troops commanded by Neclord and was reduced to ruins in just one night. One after another, the villagers became zombies, and in the end, a cruel scene unfolded as they devoured each other. Viktor, who was born and raised there, was away from the village at the time of the attack and returned to find his family and friends murdered. He vowed to get revenge on Neclord and continued his journeys.

The castle there was built on the shores of Dunan Lake. It was once a symbol of North Window’s prosperity, however, after Neclord destroyed the village, it became a demon castle filled with monsters.

In 460, it was discovered that citizens of South Window were disappearing near by the village. Granmeyer dispatched a reconnaissance party which included Riou, Freed Y., and Viktor to scout North Window. The party was reacquainted with Neclord, who was amassing an army out of the remains of his past victims. Even with the newly-acquired Star Dragon Sword and the assistance of vampire slayer, Kahn Marley, Neclord retreated and instead called upon one of his minions to attack the group.

During this time, South Window City was invaded by Solon Jhee's forces who then beheaded Granmeyer, placing his head on the city walls.

Having nowhere else to go, refugees fled to North Window in an attempt to avoid the carnage. Eventually Riou and the group decided to fight back and take up residence in the castle, renaming it Dunan Castle.

After recruiting the former student of Mathiu Silverberg, Shu in Radat Town, Riou and his make shift forces prepared for the first official battle of the New State Army defending from Dunan Castle. During the battle South Window soldiers, who were being forced to fight alongside Solon Jhee's Unit, turned against him after seeing Riou and select number of able soldiers attack Solon Jhee directly. With the tide of the battle turning against them, Solon Jhee retreated as to avoid heavy losses.




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  • The player has the opportunity to name the Castle fortress once it becomes a Headquarters. Viktor recommends against naming it North Window Castle, but there is no effect on the game-play, regardless.
  • As with South Window City, there is a lot of discussion about the proper translation of this city's name. In Suikoden it was localized as Northwind, but that changed in the second game. The Japanese is ウィンドゥ, which is one of two generally accepted ways to write the pronunciation for the English word "window." In Japanese, ウィンドウ is used to mean a window on a computer or is sometimes used for the window shop displays. It can also be used to show the pronunciation for the word "wind," although ウィンド or ウインド is more common.