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"Use your head. You have the ability to judge right from wrong... But remember that you can't turn away from what you see and what you feel. Because if you do, that's a sin..."

Odessa Silverberg is a character in Suikoden and the earliest known leader of the Liberation Army. She is the niece of Leon Silverberg, sister to Mathiu Silverberg and was once engaged to a man named Achilles.



Odessa had a love for her empire, and was completely clueless of the corruption that had begun. She soon met a man named Achilles, who eventually became her fiance'. Together, the two fought the empire. She requested the help of her brother, Mathiu, who declined her offer. She called him a coward, and was disappointed that her brother would let his strategical genius wither away. The Scarlet Moon Empire came after Achilles for a crime he did not commit, and was killed. His last words to his lover was to "Defeat the Empire!". Odessa, fought remaining soldiers in an aristocratic dress, with a sword in her hand; and eventually was able to flee. She created the Liberation army, and recruited Flik, Viktor, Sanchez, Humphrey, Ronnie Bell and Mose as it's starting members.

Odessa's first appearance in the series, is when Tir McDohl meets her in Lenankamp. Imperial soldiers raid an inn searching for rebels, so she hides Tir and his friends in the Liberation Army's secret underground hideout. While harboring them, a bandit enters the hideout requesting Odessa's assistance in rescuing his bosses, Varkas and Sydonia, from the military commander of Rockland. When Tir, Gremio, and Cleo realize it's their fault for the mishap, they offer their assistance to Odessa in order to make up for it.

Performing this task gains them Odessa's trust, and they accompany her and Viktor through Mt. Tigerwolf to Sarady to deliver Fire Spear plans to a courier for the Secret Factory. Upon returning to Lenankamp, they find the underground hideout has been raided. Odessa rushes ahead, and takes a mortal blow protecting a small child. She charges Tir with taking her earring to her brother Mathiu Silverberg in Seika.

Mathiu suppresses news of Odessa's death until 3 months after the Liberation Army has established its base of power in Toran Castle, when the news of her death no longer runs the risk of demoralizing the once budding resistance. Odessa's death unlocks the Soul Eater's level 1 spell, Deadly Fingertips.


Odessa has long, brown hair and wore a band on her forehead. She wears a long turtleneck sweater coupled with a corset and white tights. She has gloves and boots and adorns herself with a red cape.


As one of the founders of the Liberation Army, Odessa is headstrong and steadfast in her beliefs; echoing a sentiment of justice against the corruption beset upon the populace by the current ruler of the Scarlet Moon Empire, Emperor Barbarossa. She was also a tender individual, mired by conflicting views and doubts about her leadership while also displaying a compassion for her people and justice. She was also not to despise cowardice, especially that of her brother's even after she had passed; however, she was always determined in her efforts to enact change, going so far as to surpass hatred for her brother to ensure that Tir would carry on the Liberation Army's legacy as its defacto leader.



Odessa appears behind a clock, telling Tir and his friends to come with her if they don't want to get caught. She takes the party underground and mentions that they're the "new friends" Viktor had told her about, telling them to follow her because everyone is waiting. The party is then introduced to the current members of the Liberation Army, Odessa Silverberg, who serves as its leader, and her companions, Flik, Viktor, Humphrey, and Sanchez. She and the others asks the party if they'd be willing to join the Liberation Army, noticing Tir's hesitation at accepting their offer. Realizing the party's awkward stance, Odessa offers them a place to stay until they can figure out what they'd like to pursue. Suddenly, a wounded messenger appears, citing himself as one of the bandits from Mt. Seifu Odessa expresses horror at the actions of Grady against the bandit bosses, Varkas and Sydonia, quickly exclaiming that they must rescue them despite being understaffed. After Tir comes clean about the situation and volunteers to amend the injustice, Odessa sends Viktor with the party and bids them to rescue the starving bandits.

Following the rescue of Varkas and Sydonia from Grady's Mansion, Tir makes his way back to the hideout, only to be greeted by an excited Odessa. She tells him and his party of the Fire Spear, a device that will help ensure their victory against the Empire should their conflict ever escalate to the point of a war. She asks Tir and the party if they could bring the blueprints to her secret factory so she could have the Fire Spear mass-produced. Gremio then becomes fed up with Odessa's exclamations and requests, mentioning that he and the others with him are part of the Empire and should not involve themselves with the Liberation Army. Odessa asks Gremio whether he is comfortable with what the Empire has been doing to its people, having seen and heard their actions for himself, asking further about whether or not he wants to continue being the lapdog of the Empire and McDohl. Tir decides that he follows a path divergent from his father's wishes, with Gremio protesting at the thought. Gremio asks Cleo if she still wants to return to the Empire, with the latter mentioning that her only duty was to protect Tir, much to Gremio's chagrin. Odessa tells Tir about the location of the secret factory and joins the party to ensure that the blueprints reaches its destination. A dismayed Flik protests against the idea of Odessa going with Tir, presuming him to be an Imperial spy, but Odessa and Viktor allay his fears and the party sets off to Sarady.

After arriving at Mt. Tigerwolf, Odessa tells the party to keep on going towards Sarady despite their obvious fatigue. On their way to the secret factory, they encounter a man named Ledon, who offers the party a rest stop of sorts. Odessa says the party should keep on going but the majority decide to take up Ledon's offer, urging Odessa to reveal that she too is tired. Ledon sits the party at a table and offers them bitter tea, revealing its name to be Robber's Tea after the entire party had consumed it. Cleo realizes the namesake too late as the party succumbs to the effects of the drugged tea, leaving Ledon to gather their supplies for his own use. Suddenly, a man named Kessler enters the room and sees the drugged Odessa, immediately telling Ledon to brew up an antidote or else, suffer the consequences of his inaction. After being cured from the effects of the drugged tea, Kessler apologizes to Odessa and the party, offering them a room to stay for the night. After the party's eventful night, Odessa beckons them to set off once more towards Sarady.

When the party finally arrives at Sarady, Odessa informs them that they are to meet with a messenger from the secret factory at the Inn. The party gets a room at the Inn to wait for the messenger's arrival. At night, Tir notices Odessa on the terrace and speaks to her, wherein Odessa reveals her concerns and worries about the expectations bestowed upon her by her own people. She then asks Tir if he's still apt to return to the Empire, mentioning to him that if he does pursue his old life, he would be living a peaceful life due to the status of his father while others continue to suffer, comparing his decision to that of a sin. Odessa reveals to Tir that she doesn't feel uncomfortable being with him, but rather in fact, compassion. She assumes that Viktor brought him to her because of a particularly special quality, eyes that draw people closer to a person. She begins expressing to express her doubts in leadership until a ninja appears and introduces himself as Kage, a messenger of Mose, the secret factory's chief. She mentions to the ninja Mose keeps unusual company and that he was still tending to an ill pigeon, much to Kage's confusion, as Mose does not have any pigeons. Odessa tells him that she was just testing him and gives him the blueprints for the Fire Spear, also mentioning that the future of the Liberation Army depends on it. After delivering the blueprints, Odessa bids Tir to go to bed, apologizing for her strange stories. The next morning, a surprised Viktor is told by Odessa that the job is already finished, with Cleo mentioning that Tir's bed was empty during the night and Gremio frantically wondering what went on that night with Odessa and Tir. Odessa tells the party that they must return to Lenankamp, thus setting off towards their intended destination.

As the party returns to Lenankamp, they discover the Inn Keeper on the ground and find out that Empire has raided the hideout. A shocked Odessa goes off on her own towards the hideout, where the party follows in tow, fighting the Imperial Soldiers they encounter throughout. Suddenly, the party hears a scream and encounters a wounded Odessa hiding a child from harm. A bleeding Odessa apologizes to Viktor and tells the party that she chose to be a woman rather than being the commander of the Liberation Army, exclaiming that she's failed as a leader because she couldn't let a child die. Odessa bids Tir to come forward, telling him that she has two requests, much to Viktor's protests: To give her earring to a man named Mathiu in Seika and to throw her body into the stream within the hideout. Gremio becomes astounded and says he can't possibly do that to her body, with Viktor protesting once more at the thought. Odessa thanks Tir for understanding her request and tells Viktor that if the Liberation Army were to discover that she died, the movement will lose any hope of succeeding and perish before it even had the chance to live. She also tells him that if they encounter Flik, to tell him that Odessa believed his kindness to be a great boon to her in harsh times. After saying what needs to be said, Odessa proclaims her death is fast approaching, and tells Tir of her hope that he will be able to experience the Free World that she had envisioned but was never able to make manifest. Odessa passes away with a solemn Viktor saying his goodbyes. Her soul was then eaten by Tir's Soul Eater, and he gained its Level 1 spell, Deadly Fingertips.

Role in the Game[]

Odessa is a part of the battle party for the mission from Lenankamp to Sarady via Mt. Tigerwolf. She is not one of the 108 Stars of Destiny, however.

Odessa is a capable archer with a Wind Rune permanently equipped.

Weapon Type: Bow
Weapon Range: L
Weapon Starting Level: 5

Weapon Growth
Name Steel Bow Steel Bow Steel Bow
Level 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16
Strength 5 7 10 14 18 35 42 48 54 63 70 81 105 117 132 155

  • 817
  • LV1 9
  • LV2 9
  • LV3 8
  • LV4 6
  • 176
  • 166
  • 331
  • 180
  • 236
  • 209
  • 241
  • 195

Default Equipment
Helmet Head Gear*
Armor Tunic
Shield [none]
Other 1 -
Other 2 -
*Fixed equipment, can't be removed.

Recommended Equipment
Helmet Head Gear*
Armor -
Shield [none]
Other 1 -
Other 2 -
*Fixed equipment, can't be removed.

Odessa has no Unite Attacks.

Wind Rune*

*Fixed Rune, can't be detached.

Odessa has a Wind Rune permanently attached.


  • In the game, some villagers believed Odessa was a 9-foot giant.
  • Odessa is the only Silverberg to be a playable character and the only Silverberg who was not known chiefly for her strategic prowess.
  • Before entering Lenankamp after the mission to Sarady, take every item off of Odessa.
  • Odessa's death will unlock the level 1 spell of the Soul Eater, Deadly Fingertips.


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