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In Suikoden, Old Book 8 tells about The Kalekka Incident.
Title: The Kalekka Tragedy


Border disputes between the Empire and the City-State have been going on for many years. The so-called "Kalekka Incident" took place against this tense, ugly background. Taking advantage of the civil strife within the Empire, the City-State overran the northern part of the Empire all the way to Kalekka, which they occupied. After pacifying the Empire, Barbarosa's forces headed to confront the invaders.

As the City-State's forces began to retreat, the Imperial Army entered Kalekka. What they found was a burnt-out city whose residents wiped out. Leon, let his forces know of the appalling devestation of Kalekka. Despite their exhaustion after the long march north, the forces were infuriated by the news and, with renewed vigor, succedded in forcing back the City-State Army.

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Suikoden IIEdit

Title: The Grasslands


The Grasslands are a grassy plain stretching from the western part of Tinto to the north. Many different peoples live there, and trying to take control of it. Tinto plans on more raids in the future, but they're hindered by the Grasslanders, particularly the Karaya and Chisya Clans as well as the Free Knights of Camaro. Recently border attacks by a group called "The Keepers of the Flame" have increased.

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Suikoden IIIEdit

Title: The Flame Champion Legend


Many years ago, over half of the Grasslands were controlled by the Holy Harmonian Kingdom. Most clans fell under their control. Even clans not controlled paid tribute. No one questioned this, for the Harmonian army was almighty. One battalion alone was equal in strength to all clans combined.

The difference in power was enormous, yet one group showed no fear: the Flame Champion and his Fire Bringers.

Their battles were small, but word spread quickly. Stories of the Fire Bringer bandits raiding supply transports made the clans brave and hopeful. Soon they stood up to be led by the same man. Then came the day when they stood as one against the Holy Harmonian Kingdom.

The Harmonian army clashed fiercely with the Grasslands forces led by the Flame Champion, (Fire Hero's Name). It was the heaviest fighting ever known, but neither side won a decisive victory. Strangely enough, although Harmonia did not claim victory, it has not tried to retake the Grasslands in all the years since.

The Flame Champion did not show himself again. Rumors said that he went to the far west continent, or that he traded his own life for peace in the Grasslands.

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Complimentary Prize in Lake Castle Lottery

Suikoden IVEdit

Title: About Accessories


"Do you think accessories are things to buy?"

"The truth is..."

"As long as you have the materials, you can actually have them made quite easily!"

"If you try using pearl shells and scales as materials, you will end up with objects that are more beautiful than you might expect."

"These materials are often obtained from the more dangerous creatures that lurk at sea and on land. Be careful when gathering materials!"

"Do you know anyone who is skilled at making accessories?"

"If you have these people make them for you, you'll be able to fill your life with all sorts of accessories!"

"Give it a try!"

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Middleport Underground Path, where you recruited Warlock. It can be found in his study/workshop area on a bookshelf directly behind him.

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In Suikoden V, Old Book 8 goes over basic military strategy in Major Battles.
Title: War: All About Military Units


Infantry advances on foot, defending against arrows with shields and heavy armor. However, this unit lacks mobility and is vulnerable to cavalry.

With their great mobility, cavalry can overrun infantry, but their thin armor leaves them vulnerable to archer attack.

Archers are formidable against the lightly-armored cavalry. However, their attacks are ineffective against infantry units, which are excellent at defending arrow attacks.

Combat ships transport a large number of infantry ready to transfer to enemy ships for hand-to-hand combat. However, because the soldiers on deck are defenseless, combat ships are vulnerable to archer attack.

Ships specialized in ramming attacks on other ships are called "rams." With their thick armor, archer attacks do little damage, but their small crews make rams vulnerable to combat ships coming up alongside them.

Archer ships post a large number of archers on deck and specialize in long- range attacks. They have the advantage over combat ships but are rather defenseless against rams.

Some archer units or archer ships have the word "Rune" attached to their unit names. These units can perform powerful magic attacks, so they should be utilized whenever possible.

However, keep in mind that they have a limited amount of magic attacks.

The strengths and weaknesses of a military unit depend greatly on the ability of its commander. Knowing how to form a great unit requires a lot of trial and error.

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