Pannu Yakuta

Pannu Yakuta is a fortress located within the Great Forest region. It serves not only as a defensive stronghold for defending the region, but also serves as the residence for the General who is in charge of it. Despite its distance from the Capital, it is a rather important structure. During the Scarlet Moon Succession War, Pannu Yakuta was used by Barbarossa Rugner as his headquarters during the conflict. However, it was not built for this purpose - the structure of Pannu Yakuta is very old; the ruins upon which it was built are said to be Sindarian in their origin.

A key battle of the Toran Liberation War occurred here in the early stages of the war. It was the first major battle between the Liberation Army and the Scarlet Moon Empire forces, and also the first major victory for the Liberation Army. General Kwanda Rosman saw the Liberation Army quickly approaching his fortress, and attempted to raze them with the Burning Mirror. Fortunately, the Chief of the Dwarves destroyed his own invention with another one, the Firewind Cannon. With Kwanda's distance attack nullified, Tir McDohl, along with Valeria, Kirkis and Kuromimi, were then able to infiltrate the fortress. The team met with some more resistance inside, mostly from soldiers, but a powerful Dragon awaited them near the roof access. The Dragon utilized various lightning-based attacks but was eventually put down. With the Dragon out of the way, the party then made for Kwanda himself. A duel between leaders occurred, and Tir was the victor. While Kirkis and others urged him to execute the general, Tir sensed something was wrong. It was discovered that Kwanda was being controlled via a Black Rune given to him by Windy. With Kwanda regaining his senses, he gladly joined up with the Liberation Army. With this victory, the Great Forest region was securely behind the Liberation Army, although the Village of the Elves had suffered a terrible fate.

The president of newly formed Toran Republic, Lepant, appointed Valeria as the general to guard Pannu Yakuta, which is somewhat an ironic twist considering she had participated in an attack against it just a couple years earlier.

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