This is the complete list of all recruitable characters in Suikoden.

Characters Recruitment ListEdit

No. Name Recruitment
1 Tir Joins your party at the very beginning of the game.
2 Cleo Automatically joins at the beginning of the game.
3 Gremio Automatically joins at the beginning of the game.
4 Viktor Automatically joins after leaving Gregminster.
5 Mathiu Joins automatically after Tir agrees to become leader of the Liberation Army.
6 Camille Joins automatically after talking to her in Kaku.
7 Tai Ho Joins Tir in Kaku after beating him at Chinchirorin before going to explore Toran Castle.
8 Yam Koo Joins along with Tai Ho.
9 Luc Joins automatically at Toran Castle.
10 Chandler Talk to him at Kwaba Fortress after you acquire your castle.
11 Kai After having set the HQ, Joins when spoken to at the Garan Fortress.
12 Lorelai After having set the HQ, Lorelai joins Tir in Kouan if he's over level 25 when he talks to her.
13 Maas Joins when spoken to in the Great Forest Kobold Village.
14 Marie Joins when spoken to at the inn in Seika after securing Toran Castle.
15 Onil Joins when spoken to in Seika after exploring Toran Castle.
16 Sansuke Joins when spoken to in Great Forest Village after exploring Toran Castle.
17 Sergei Joins when spoken to in Kaku after exploring Toran Castle.
18 Antonio He joins when Tir speaks to him at the Inn in Seika, after Marie has been recruited and mentions she needs help. You need to sleep or just choose "don't stay" a couple of times at your HQ until Marie triggers the dialog that she needs help, then go back see Antonio.
19 Rock Rock joins when spoken to in Kouan in Lepant's mansion.
20 Juppo Joins automatically, after talking to him in Lepant's mansion. Note: If you didn't recruited him while sneaking in Lepant's Mansion, he will automatically be available at the HQ after Lepant joined.
21 Meg After recruiting Juppo, put him in the party to Kaku and talk to her, she will join.
22 Lepant Joins automatically after saving Eileen.
23 Eileen Joins with Lepant.
24 Giovanni Joins with Lepant.
25 Krin Joins automatically during the events in Kouan.
26 Pahn Pahn joins when spoken to after the events in Kouan. At a later point in the game, Pahn must duel Teo McDohl. If Pahn is defeated in the duel, then he will be technically killed in the story. The player must keep his weapon properly sharpened and have Pahn higher than level 30 with good equipment in order to increase the possibility of winning the duel.
27 Gaspar Joins if Tir wins 5000 potch off of him in Chinchirorin.
28 Varkas Joins automatically with Sydonia in Toran Castle after the events in Kouan.
29 Sydonia Joins automatically with Varkas in Toran Castle after events in Kouan.
30 Kirkis Joins automatically after events in Pannu Yakuta.
31 Sheena Joins when spoken to with Lepant in the party at the Inn in Seika.
32 Viki She will appear in the Forest trail, in Great Forest Village, ask her to join.
33 Meese Speak to him in the Village of the Dwarves after recruiting Maas and he will join.
34 Valeria Joins automatically after the events in Pannu Yakuta.
35 Templeton Joins when spoken to at the burned Village of the Elves.
36 Kuromimi Joins automatically after the events at Pannu Yakuta.
37 Humphrey Joins automatically after the original remaining members from the Liberation Army meet up at the new Headquarters.
38 Kwanda After defeating Kwanda in a duel in Pannu Yakuta, choose the following choices: "Something's wrong." and "I want you to join us."
39 Sylvina Joins automatically after events at Pannu Yakuta.
40 Stallion Joins automatically after events at Pannu Yakuta.
41 Fu Su Lu Joins if Tir agrees to pay his 10,000 bit food bill at the Inn in the Great Forest Kobold Village.
42 Gon Bring Kuromimi to visit him in the Great Forest Kobold Village and speak to him to recruit him.
43 Rubi Bring Kirkis to speak to Rubi at the Great Forest Kobold Village when Kirkis is Lv. 35 or higher and speak to Rubi to recruit him.
44 Apple Speak to her in Seika and she'll join to find out Mathiu's reason for joining.
45 Flik Joins automatically in Kaku when Viktor and Tir speak to him after events in Pannu Yakuta occur.
46 Chapman Joins when talked to at the Antei Armor store.
47 Eikei Speak to him in Teien when Tir is Lv. 40 or higher.
48 Hellion Joins when spoken to at the Inn in Teien, as long as the castle is level 2 or higher.
49 Jabba Fight Holly Fairies until one drops a Nameless Urn, then speak to Jabba in Rikon with the urn in your inventory to get Jabba to join.
50 Jeane Speak to her in the Rune Shop at Antei. Allow her to join you. Your Castle must be at least Lv. 3.
51 Lotte She is at the inn, inside of Rikon, speak to her. Eventually she will tell you, her cat is missing, if you find her cat, she will join. The cat is in Kaku, you may need the Holy Rune to help catch her. Run after the cat "Mina", and when next to her,press the action button.
52 Mina Buy Toe Shoes and equip them to Tir, talk to Mina and she will dance with you, and join you.
53 Anji After the castle is level 3 or higher, take Tai Ho and Yam Koo in a party to the Pirate's Hideout. Defeat the 3 pirates within 5 rounds to recruit them.
54 Kanak Joins alongside Anji and Leonardo when defeated at their hideout. Take Tai Ho and Yam Koo to the Pirate's Hideout once the castle is Level 3 or higher.
55 Leonardo After the castle reaches level 3, take Tai Ho and Yam Koo to the Pirate's Hideout, and upon defeating Anji, Leonardo, and Kanak, they will join.
56 Kamandol Joins automatically alongside Gen during the events to pass the Dunan Rapids.
57 Gen Gen will automatically join when spoken to in a house in Teien when Tir and party need a way to pass the Dunan Rapids.
58 Tesla Joins automatically when spoken to in Antei after Mathiu assigns Tir to recruit him and Kimberley.
59 Kimberley Joins when spoken to at her home in Antei, after Mathiu instructs Tir to recruit her and Tesla.
60 Esmeralda Acquire an Opal from the enemies in Soniere Prison, and give one to Esmeralda, she will then join.
61 Liukan Joins automatically when spoken to in Soniere Prison.
62 Milich After defeating him, say that he is not at fault for killing Gremio and ask him to join.

Note: Do not agree with Pahn, Cleo, and Viktor about avenging Gremio.

63 Ivanov Speak with him at Scarleticia Castle after defeating Milich Oppenheimer.
64 Kasios Speak to him in Scarleticia Castle with Milich Oppenheimer in your party.
65 Qlon Qlon joins if you speak to him in Antei after liberating it from Milich Oppenheimer.
66 Kasumi Joins automatically before the first battle with Teo McDohl's army.
67 Georges Talk to him at the inn in Kirov and beat the record in any card game level he offers.
68 Lester In Kirov, enter the houses to the left and right of Sarah and taste the stew on the stove. Then enter the house south of Sarah and talk to him. He will not appear unless Toran Castle is at least Level 3.
69 Sarah Recruting Sarah requires a series of trades with the denizens of Kirov. When Sarah asks for soap, Tir can talk to various villagers to find out what they'll want to trade for. To complete the quest, buy Sugar at the item store. Trade it to the man at the Inn for a yardstick. Trade the yardstick to the villager near Sarah for Salt. Trade the Salt for Soy Sauce with the villager at the Item Shop. Then trade the Soy Sauce to the villager near the Armor Shop for some Soap. Speak to Sarah with soap in hand and she'll join.
70 Blackman Speak to him at Kalekka without stepping on his plants.

Note: If you step on his plants before speaking to him, simply exit the village and return.

71 Ledon Speak to him at the Secret Factory.
72 Kessler Speak to him at the Secret Factory.
73 Kage Speak to him at the Secret Factory and pay his 20,000 bit service fee.
74 Melodye Speak to her at Kirov with the Sound Rune in your inventory
75 Kun To Joins automatically after lending boats to carry the Fire Spears.
76 Mose Joins automatically before delivering the Fire Spears.
77 Ronnie Bell Joins automatically before delivering the Fire Spears.
78 Alen Joins automatically with Grenseal after defeating General Teo.
79 Grenseal Joins automatically with Alen after defeating General Teo.
80 Kirke Joins when spoken to at the Lorimar checkpoint after the events there make the area available.
81 Marco Play his game and win 5,000 Bits from him in the Warrior's Village.
82 Moose Speak to him in the weapon shop at the Warrior's Village with Maas, Meese, and Mose in your active party.
83 Morgan Speak to him at Qlon Temple if your Castle is at least Level 3 and allow him to join the army, otherwise he will say he needs more training.
84 Zen Joins upon request at Qlon Temple if you bring him Blue, Red, and Yellow Flower Seeds.
85 Quincy Speak to him at the Garan Fortress with at least 80 recruits (dead and "away" characters do not count).
86 Fukien Joins automatically after you enter Qlon Temple.
87 Hugo Speak to him at the Qlon Temple with the War Scroll in your inventory. He will not accept it unless your Castle is at least Level 3.
88 Window Bring him the Window crystal, that is found in the Cave of Past, in Qlon Temple.
89 Tengaar Automatically joins after rescuing her from Neclord's Castle.
90 Hix Joins automatically before entering Neclord's Castle.
91 Fuma Speak to him at the Dragon Knights' Fortress and allow him to join the party. Note: He is at the upper-right of the first screen of the fortress, and he will not appear unless your Castle is at least Level 3.
92 Crowley Prerequisites: Level 4 Headquarters

To recruit Crowley, speak to him in a secret passage in the Cave of the Past. To get to the secret passage, once inside the cave take the north exit and head down the stairs. Head all the way to the right, and then south to a new screen. Start heading right and go south. Head up the stairs and you will be in the previous screen. Take the stairs down and head south to the next screen, and then head south once more. The hidden passage is against the southern wall.

93 Pesmerga Prerequisites: Level 4 Headquarters

In order to recruit Pesmerga, speak with him on the top floor of Neclord's Castle.

94 Clive Joins when spoken to when he appears at the Inn in Rikon. He appears there at random starting after events in Lorimar.
95 Leon Speak to him in the house at Kalekka after attaining a Level 4 HQ. He will mention how impressive the Liberation Army has become. Speak to Mathiu at HQ and receive a letter. Deliver the letter to Leon and he will join.
96 Kreutz Speak to him at the Dragon's Den with Humphrey in the active party.
97 Joshua Joins automatically after returning from Seek Valley.
98 Milia Joins automatically before heading to Seek Valley.
99 Futch Joins automatically after returning from Seek Valley.
100 Taggart Joins automatically after informing him of Warren's capture.
101 Mace Speak to him at Seek Valley with Maas, Meese, Moose and Mose in your active party. A Level 4 Headquarters is required before recruiting him.
102 Griffith Is recruited automatically after defeating him at the Northern Checkpoint, regardless of the player's choice.
103 Warren Joins automatically after the events at Moravia Castle.
104 Kasim Joins automatically after the events at Moravia Castle.
105 Vincent After rescuing Warren and Viktor, go back to Kasim's prison and talk to Vincent.
106 Maximillian Joins upon request at the Northern Checkpoint after rescuing Warren and Viktor.
107 Sancho Joins with Maximillian at the Northern Checkpoint after rescuing Warren and Viktor.
108 Sonya Schulen After the mission at Shasarazade, speak to her in the dungeon at HQ. Request her assistance.

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