This is the complete list of all recruitable characters in Suikoden IV.

Characters Recruitment listEdit

No. Name Recruitment
1 Razro Joins at the start of the game.
2 Jewel/Paula/Keneth/Tal Whichever character you choose to accompany you on normal Razril missions, are the characters that will join you in the beginning of the game.
3 Keneth/TalKeneth/Tal Whichever character you choose to accompany you on normal Razril missions, are the characters that will join you in the beginning of the game.
4 Chiepoo Joins automatically after Lazlo is banned from Razril.
5 Desmond Joins Automatically once the HQ is established.
6 Louise Joins Automatically once the HQ is established.
7 Chadli Joins Automatically once the HQ is established.
8 Tov Joins Automatically once the HQ is established.
9 Ornan Joins Automatically once the HQ is established.
10 Perrault After Lino asks for recruits, go to Nay's Kobold town and talk to him in the Trading Post building.
11 Rita Find her in the Na-Nal Inn and beat her at Ritapon 10 times and she will join.
12 Mitsuba Speak to Reinhold on Na-Nal and then go to the town square, defeat Mitsuba and she, along with Reinhold, will join.
13 Reinhold Joins with Mitsuba.
14 Rikie Joins Automatically.
15 Rakgi Joins Automatically.
16 Lilin Joins Automatically.
17 Cedric After the event with the mermaid poacher ship, go to the inn at Obel and view the scene. Then speak with a woman close to the inn; finally, go to Louise at your base and she will give up Cedric who will join.
18 Oleg Joins Automatically.
19 Ramada Joins Automatically.
20 Mizuki Joins Automatically.
21 Akaghi Joins Automatically.
22 Yu When everyone is evacuating Obel, talk to Yu and he will join.
23 Adrienne When everyone is evacuating Obel, talk to Adrienne and she will join.
24 Pablo Joins Automatically.
25 Nico Joins Automatically.
26 Haruto Joins Automatically.
27 Lino Joins Automatically.
28 Mao After your HQ can sail, enter your room and exit to have Tov mention a strange room. Go into the room across from Reinhold's training room.
29 Nao After recruiting Mao and allowing some time to pass, rest in your room and ext and have another scene with Tov. Go into the same room and Nao will be there.
30 Bartholomew After your HQ can sail and after getting Perrault, view a newspaper heading about Bartholomew. Now speak to him in a house at Nay-Kobold Village.
31 Viki After your HQ can sail, go to Nay Island. Head toward Nay-Kobold village across the bridge and Viki will appear and vanish. Go to the Kobold village and then head back across the bridge and speak to Viki there.
32 Jeane After your HQ can sail, go to Na-Nal and speak to the men beside the armor shop and hot springs, then go to the runeshop and inquire about the runemistress, and ask to have her look at a rune.
33 Manu Speak to him at the Na-Nal inn.
34 Ugetsu Speak to him at the Na-Nal trading shop.
35 Bang Speak to him at the Nay-Kobold Settlement.
36 Shiramine After recruiting Ugetsu, go to HQ and speak to him.
37 Lilan After getting Shiramine, lower the net and sail between Nay and Na-Nal islands.
38 Izak Buy a flower seed from Nay Island Trading post or Middleport trading post, and bring it to him at Iluya.
39 Nataly Speak to her at Iluya, she's in the ruins near one of the destroyed houses.
40 Kate Bring Mizuki and speak to her at Illya, she's among the ruins.
41 Taisuke After your HQ can sail, go to the deserted island, and enter the cave following it to the end. He will ask you to go fetch his clothes outside the cave. Do this and bring them all the way back, he will then ask you to go outside the cave so he can change. Do this, and then return to him and ask him to join.
42 Lilen After recruiting Taisuke, visit the Deserted Island cavern and speak with Lilen.
43 Rene After your headquarter is launched to sea, find a bottle on the shore of Nay Island. After reading the message go to Donut Island to recruit Rene.
44 Phil Speak to Phil at the Nest of Pirates after recruiting 42 Stars of Destiny.
45 Kika Joins Automatically.
46 Hervey Joins Automatically.
47 Sigurd Joins Automatically.
48 Dario Joins Automatically.
49 Nalleo Joins Automatically.
50 Lilon After defeating Snowe and chasing him all the way to Razril, return to the Nest of Pirates. Speak to the pirate standing near the Blacksmith and then Sail out of the Nest of Pirates. Sail around the Nest of Pirates until you her calling.
51 Liloon Speak to her at Iluya harbor once you have recruited Lilin, Lilen, Lilan, and Lilon. (You don't need to have the four mermaids in your party when speaking to her)
52 Elenor Joins Automatically.
53 Agnes Joins Automatically.
54 Jango Enter your room in the Dauntless after you have recruited 51 Stars of Destiny. A scene will trigger. Jango will join you along with Brec.
55 Brec Joins with Jango.
56 Gau After naming your army and ship, return to the Hermitage Island and wander around the forest. Gau will eventually appear as a random encounter. Once you defeat him he will join you.
57 Aldo After recruiting Elenor, Aldo will appear behind her house by a boulder, talk to him and he will join.
58 Katarina After naming both your ship and your army, sail to the Nest of Pirates and find her in Kika's room. After beating Snowe in a naval battle and capturing him, return to the Nest of Pirates and speak with her again.
59 Lo Seng After naming your ship and army, head to Mordo Island and go into the hot springs. Refuse to pay 10,000 potch and then beat Lo Fong, Lo Hak, and Lo Seng in battle.
60 Lo Fong Joins with Lo Seng.
61 Lo Hak Joins with Lo Hak.
62 Igor After recruiting Lo Fong, Lo Hak, and Lo Seng, speak to Igor next to the hot springs on Mordo Island.
63 Nalkul After naming your army and ship, return to Nay Island with Chiepoo in your group. Visit the trading shop in the Nay-Kobold Settlement and then leave the town. Upon crossing the bridge that leads to Nay Island, a scene with Nalkul and Champo will occur. Return to the Kobold Settlement and find the duo beside the locked house.
64 Champo Joins with Nalkul.
65 Reinbach III After the audience with Reinbach II, Reinbach will join if you give him the Rose Crest from a man named Gareth. Gareth is at the in on Nay Island; obtain the rose crest and bring it to Reinbach, he will join you along with Mickey.
66 Micky Joins with Reinbach III.
67 Etienne After recruiting Reinbach III, return to Middleport and find him in front of the Reinbach Mansion. Bring Reinbach III with you and talk with him. Then allow Reinbach to recruit Etienne.
68 Oskar Speak to Deborah in Middleport Inn after your audience with Lord Reinbach II. Oskar will not join you in the Inn but after you get back on your ship you will find Oskar aboard. Note: You must depart from Middleport aboard your ship not warp to a new location in order to recruit Oskar.
69 Deborah Speak to Deborah in Middleport Inn after your audience with Lord Reinbach II.
70 Gareth Speak to Gareth in the Nay Island Inn with Reinbach III in your party.
71 Helga Talk to one of the towns people in the Nay Island Inn, he will tell you about a woman wrecking the Inn at Middleport. Talk to Helga outside of the inn a few times and eventually she will join you.
72 Ted After obtaining 71 Stars of Destiny, enter the War Room on the Dauntless. Upon entering, a Fog Ship will appear. Complete the events on the fog ship to obtain Ted.
Note - Ted cannot be recruited after liberating Obel.
73 Keen After your audience with Reinbach II, speak to Keen at the port of Middleport with Sigurd in your party. Remove Sigurd from your group and speak to Keen again. He will join you for 10,000 potch. Declining once will drop the price by one potch.
74 Charlemagne After you recruit Helga, talk to Charlemagne and leave Middleport, just to come back a few times and he will join.
75 Axel Joins automatically after liberating Na-Nal.
76 Eugene Speak to him outside the Inn in Na-Nal after liberating Na-Nal.
77 Selma Speak to her at the harbor of Na-Nal after liberating Na-Nal.
78 Pam Pam joins after making an alliance with Nay Island.
79 Kevin Joins with Pam.
80 Millay After making an alliance with Nay Island, speak to the man at the trading post in Middleport and go to Na-Nal with Reinbach in the party and she will join.
81 Jeremy After receiving the orders to liberate Razril, speak with Jeremy at the town square in Na-Nal with Mitsuba in your party.
82 Helmut Helmut joins after you defeat his army at Razril in battle and agree to spare his men.
83 Jewel/Paula Joins Automatically after the Liberation of Razril, if you did not recruit earlier.
84 Keneth/Tal Joins Automatically after the Liberation of Razril, if you did not recruit earlier.
85 Basil Speak to him in the town square of Razril after liberating Razril.
86 Maxine Defeat her once at Na Nal town square, then again at Stone Cutters field in Nay. After Razril is liberated, talk to her at the Inn and she will join.
87 Konrad After liberating Razril, speak to him in Razril Inn with Katarina in your party.
88 Funghi After liberating Razril, speak to him in Razril Hall of Knights and he will join you.
89 Frederica After liberating Razril, speak to her at the item shop in Razril. Frederica will not become available to recruit until you have witnessed the sunset in Razril.
90 Gretchen After liberating Razril, speak to her next to the armor shop in Razril.
91 Karl After liberating Razril, spend the night at the inn in Razril and then speak with Karl in the back streets.
92 Ameria After liberating Razril, Ameria can be recruited by speaking with her on the tower in the Hall of Knights.
93 Warlock After liberating Razril, speak with Pablo and then visit the abandoned house in Middleport. Search the opened treasure chest and select "24". Enter the dungeon that opens up and defeat the boss at the end. Once defeated, go into the room and speak to him.
94 Pecola After recruiting Warlock, speak with the woman beside the inn in Middleport to receive an Interior Book. Then visit the abandoned house there.
95 Tanya After liberating Razril, sail to the Nest of Pirates and speak with her. She'll ask if you know where Elenor Silverberg is. She'll join join once you tell her.
96 Setsu Joins automatically after liberating Obel.
97 Flare Joins automatically after liberating Obel.
98 Wendel After Obel is liberated, talk to Nico and then head to the Obel harbor and speak to her.
99 Gunter Speak with Gunter in Middleport near the beginning of the game and later just after Na-Nal's liberation. After liberating Obel, speak with Gunter near the rune shop in Obel.
100 Nabokov After liberating Obel, speak to him at the appraisal shop to get him to join.
101 Trishtan After liberating Obel, talk to him with Yu in your party.
102 Carrie After liberating Obel, speak to Carrie above the appraisal shop.
103 Gary Speak to Gary and Ema in Obel near the palace after the liberation.
104 Ema Joins with Gary.
105 Noah After liberating Obel, speak with Noah in the throne room of Obel Palace and answer her questions three times.
106 Rachel After liberating Obel, speak with Rachel in the cave where your headquarters used to be. Cedric must be in the group and you must agree to pay off Cedric's debt of 5,000 potch. Otherwise, Cedric will leave the party until the debt is paid for.
107 Travis Travel through the Obel ruins, and go to the place where you meet Rakgi and Rikie. Talk to Travis with an escape talisman, use the talisman and then go back inside the ruins and talk to Travis once again in the same place.
108 Snowe After viewing a scene involving Ramada's war bird, DO NOT enter the warroom, you cannot recruit Snowe after this point. Secondly, you must have ALL 107 Other stars recruited. Also, you must have asked Snowe to join the other chances you've had to do so. Once these three conditions are met, visit Mordo and talk to the rumor guy outside the bathhouse. He will mention having seen a body drifting in the water. Sail west from Mordo and you'll encounter Snowe. Ask him to join at this point.

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