Ridley Wizen is the Tengou Star in Suikoden II.

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Background[edit | edit source]

Ridley is a Kobold and a General from Two River, he has a son named Boris Wizen. He is respected and his might in combat is very useful, he also trained the Kobold for war. There is a conflict between different races in Two River, causing him to gain small amount of trust to humans.

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Game[edit | edit source]

When Kiba Windamier attacked Two River, he fights alongside with the Winged Horde and the New State Army to protect the City. Later he joined in the New state Army and command his own Kobold Army. On the siege of Highland Army on Radat Town, led by Kiba Windamier, Ridley under Shu's order acted like he disagreed on how Shu place the Kobold warrior in the front line and he retreated along with the Kobold Army, but later he appeared and attacked the enemy at the back and defeated Kiba.

He was ambushed by Highland and Harmonian Army, when he was sent by Shu for military observation on Highland as a result he was captured by the Highland Army and he either escaped with the help of Chaco/Mondo and Sasuke or he freed by Leon Silverberg. If he die during the attack on Tinto, his son Boris will replaced him. If he survive the attack he will continue to be a great ally for the New State Army. After the war, he returned to Two River where he continued as leader of the Kobold Army.

Role in the Game[edit | edit source]

Ridley is recruited automatically after the events in Two River.

Like Georg, Shu and Jowy, Ridley has a Critical skill at his disposal to dispatch his enemies. However, this ability is nullified when either Seed, Culgan or other Highland soldiers attack. His quote during Critical is, "Now feel the power of Kobolds!!!!"

Name: Ridley
Age: 39
From: Two River City
Position: General
Note: Commander of Kobold Army of Two River City

"I've always wondered, so I took a look and it's true... No matter how famous he gets, he's still got a tail."

"Ridley has a son named Boris who's the spitting image of him. Right now he's training in the Nameless Countries."

  • Training
I don't mind if people keep dogs in the castle, but please ask them to feed and walk them in a timely fashion.

"Commander Ridley of the Kobold Army!!! They say he's a tough judge of people and food!!!!"

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • During the conflict between Riou and the New State Army against Kiba, Klaus and Highland, Ridley will have left the battle along with the Kobold units. If the player doesn't talk to Apple for reforming the units for the next assault, Ridley will appear along with the supporting characters in his unit during the last fight against Kiba and Klaus.
  • When Apple automatically configures units, Ridley will always be with Chaco. (Chaco has the ability Flight, which is an advanced version of Cavalry)

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