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Yeah, so I'm a thug from the slums. My whole life, I've had to crawl around with other lowlifes of society. Unlike the Prince here, who's been pampered like a little baby!

Roy is the Chizoku Star in Suikoden V.



Roy is a thief look-alike of Freyjadour Falenas. He grew up with a difficult life on the streets. He was hired by Euram Barows to damage the good reputation of Freyjadour. He had a huge crush to Lyon.





During the Sun Rune War, after he was hired by Euram, Roy begin to robbed and frightended the people of Sable, as a result Boz Wilde, Dinn and the people of Sable believe that Freyjadour became a bandit and they stopped supporting the Loyalist Army.

After Freyjadour heard this, he went to Sable and found the hiding place of Roy and his bandits. On Ranro Mountain, he was defeated by Freyjadour on a duel, Roy acknowledge his defeat and told they can do anything they want to him, but Faylen and Faylon beg for Roy's life and brought Roy to Sable.

On Sable, Sialeeds Falenas thought that Euram is behind all this and she planned to exposed Euram's evil plot. After successfully exposing Euram to Sable citizen, they brought Roy to Ceras Lake Castle and used him as Freyjadour's doppelganger for strategic purposes.

On the castle and as a member of Loyalist Army, he performs his duties well and caused a lot of trouble around the people in the castle. After the war, he discovered a love for acting, and he joins a theater group up north. After grueling training, a star is born.

Role in the GameEdit

Joins after defeating him in Sable.

Roy is mostly a copy of the Prince. He lacks a third rune slot, his Rune Affinity is rank C across the board as opposed to the Prince who has better Rune Affinity, and one of his Skill slots is permanently taken up by his unique Thief Skill, giving him less Skill options than the Prince. He also lacks the Prince's wide range of Unite Attacks. On the other hand, his basic stats are roughly the same and he gains every Skill the Prince can use, including the powerful Royal Paradise Epic Skill which is unique to both of them. While he can be made into a competent mage, Roy is better being focused as a melee figure with Untold Clarity and Royal Paradise being his best Epic Skills.

  • Head - N/A
  • R. Hand - Gained at Lv. 1
  • L. Hand - Gained at Lv. 40

Despite sharing a likeness and several epic skills with the Prince, Roy has only average rune affinity with most magic runes. His stats make it a viable option but accessories and equipment will be needed to boost his rankings to see good damage from magic unlike characters with better affinity. Boosting his physical power with Double-Strike and Killer Runes is a viable option and will boost his damage with his Unite Attack with the Prince.

  • Head - Medium
  • Body - Chain
  • Hand - Medium
  • Foot - Medium

Character Statistics
HP 721
LVL 1 9
LVL 2 9
LVL 3 7
LVL 4 3
LVL 99 EXP 999
ATK 560 MAG 483
PDF 96 MDF 295
TEC 291 ACC 291
EVA 303 SPD 307
LCK 197

Weapon Type: Tri-Numbchaku
Weapon Range: M
Weapon Starting Level: 1

Weapon Growth
Name Twilight Numbchaku Dawn Numbchaku Sun Numbchaku
Level 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16
Strength 10 20 30 45 55 70 110 125 135 150 165 180 210 220 235 255

Roy can participate in Pretty Boy and Perfect Likeness.

Character Skills
Name Max Rank
Stamina A
Attack A
Defense A
Technique A
Vitality A
Agility A
Thief S

Character Skills
Name Max Rank
Magic A
Magic Defense A
Incantation A
Sword of Magic A

Character Skills
Name Max Rank
Raging Lion A
Fate Control A
Karmic Effect A
Armor of Gods A
Swift Foot A
Triple Harmony A
All Out Strike A
Untold Clarity A
Divine Right A
Zen Sword A
Sacred Oath S
Royal Paradise A

Roy can lead a a four-star infantry unit and gives that unit one use of the Charge ability.

  1. Roy used to disguise himself as you. Your Highness, while out on bandit raids and such. Word is, Euram's the one who put him up to it.
  2. He looks so much like you, it made me wonder if there wasn't some kind of blood relationship. So I checked it out, but apparently there isn't. The resemblance really is just a big coincidence.
  3. Even here in the castle, I hear he still sometimes disguises himself as you and pulls pranks. Keep an eye out.

  • Linfa

Hey, I'm really sorry. I showed up dressed like you, Prince, and she totally fell for it. It was fun, so I just went ahead and gambled with her. But I don't have 100,000 Potch... Got any ideas?

  • Lu

Hey, sorry I got you involved. That girl never shuts up! She kept calling me 'Prince Number 2.' That pissed me off. And how come Faylen's mad at me? What'd I do to her?

  • Moroon

Really sorry about the other day. I didn't mean for that whole thing to go down like that. He just pisses me off, 'cause when I see him, I think about the old days. So it just happened. I didn't plan it.


  • Roy is one of the characters that can be killed over the course of the game but unlike other characters, Roy's death is a story death caused by choosing to stay and protect the fortress during the Godwin Counter-offense. Choosing to remain behind shows unique cutscenes and Roy's death, this death will count against the player and result in one of the bad endings of the game.
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