STac Location Mother Earth Chamber

Mother Earth Chamber

The Island of Obel is a home to many ancient ruins that are not Sindarin in origin. These ruins were apparently designed to ward off looters and also to ensnare those foolish enough to enter. The ruin held the Rune of Punishment until the Queen liberated the rune around the year 292.

The Island of Obel holds a great many ancient ruins. Due to the monsters roaming the ruins, for many years one would need an entry permit given by the King of Obel to enter, and a tour guide would be placed on the premises to escort those who game to visit the ruins. However, in SY 309, the ruins were declared open to the public, though a guard was posted at the door to warn those who would attempt to journey to the bottom of the ruins of the monsters therein.

This sparked a great interest in the ruins and a great surge in requests to the Middleport Quest Guild for adventurers to explore the ruins in hopes of finding artifacts, hunting rare ores or monsters, or even as a setting for battles between rival groups. During his quest, Kyril took several of these requests, fetching an Ancient Coin, Ancient Dish, Ancient Parchment, Ancient Recipe, Ancient Ring, and Ancient Sword, in addition to different elemental dragon meats and scales.

Rare monsters have also been spotted in the ruins, such as Angel Hairballs and Dragons. Dragons, extremely rare to be found outside of Dragon Knights' Fortress, spawn naturally within the ruins, and Dragon Eggs have been retrieved from the dungeons.

The ruins, despite being the remains of an older civilization, still appear to be changing. Water once flooded the fifth floor of the Obel Ruins; however, the water has since receeded and new floors of the ruins have been reached, including elemental chambers that hold rare treasures and powerful monsters.


  • The level of the monsters in the ruins is automatically matched to the level of the playable characters in Suikoden Tactics.
  • The ruins of Obel take on completely different appearances in both Suikoden IV and Suikoden Tactics.



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