Ryube Forest is a location in Suikoden II.


The forest area directly connected to Ryube Village, it often used by the villagers as a hunting ground. At the very edge of the forest, the famed spearman, Tsai, dwells in a small cabin. This forest was also where Kinnison and his companion Shiro were raised by Kinnison's uncle, Ashino. Learning the ways of survival here, they came to see the forest as their home and vowed to protect it. During the beginnings of the Dunan Unification War, Highland soldiers disturbed the forest on their way to Ryube, which they destroyed under command of Luca Blight. Fearing similar damage to the forest and its life forms, Kinnison and Shiro joined Riou in his fight to stop Highland.

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Enemies found within the Forest include

There is also a Boss Monster which can be fought as a part of a Side Quest for Millie, which is Bonaparte.

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Within the forest, the following items can be found within Chests.


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