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Sauro (サウロ) is a minor character in Genso Suikogaiden Vol. 1. The teacher of Clive, Elza, Kelley, Nash Latkje, and Zaj Quilous, Sauro was an elder of the Howling Voice Guild prior to his death.


Sauro, an elder of the Howling Voice Guild, was an accomplished teacher, teaching several students who held great potential. He was a rather demanding teacher; his training was said to be so severe that the students often threw up blood, but eventually they became great warriors due to their training.

When a group of his students - Clive, Elza, and Kelley - undertook the trial to become Knight Class Gunners, a test so gruelling that few students survive, all three managed to pass this exam. This sent shockwaves through the political structure of the Howling Voice Guild; the other elders became frightened that Sauro had three Knight Class Gunners under his command. Though Sauro had no violent intent, the other elders fearfully gathered together to chose a new guild master from Sauro's students, one that they could manipulate easily.

The elders selected Kelley as their new guild master, and Kelley quickly became a servant of the guild itself. However, Kelley could not wield Sturm - the ultimate symbol of a Guild master's power. If a guild master could not wield the gun, then the only way for him or her to gain the power to do so would be to kill the one who could. The elders forced Kelley to show Elza Sturm and test her to see if she could wield it. When she could, the elders set up a duel between Sauro's students. Although Kelley knew only one gun was loaded with bullets, Kelley purposely chose the gun loaded with blanks, sacrificing his life. Although their scheme had failed, with Kelley's death the other elders had still managed to take all of Sauro's Knight Class Gunners out of the Guild: Kelley had died, and Elza had fled with Stern and Mond; Clive had taken Sturm himself and run after her. It would not be until SY 460 that Clive would return, having killed Elza in revenge for Kelley's death.

Sauro had also trained other students. Though not born into the Howling Voice Guild, Nash Latkje became Sauro's student in order to learn combat skills. Nash spent two years with the guild, where he learned several useful Howling Voice Guild items and techniques, including how to make gunpowder, which could be used to open tours and help him disappear without being seen, among other uses. However, Nash was never allowed to learn the secret of the Howling Voice Guild's gunnery. Following his two years with the guild, Nash went on to enter the Temple Guards.

Zaj Quilous, who became Nash's mortal enemy, was also one of Sauro's students. Although normally considered too old to be trained as a Howling Voice Guild agent, Zaj managed to gain entry to the guild by passing a series of tests - including the murder of his own parents. Under Sauro's tutelage, Zaj became adept at gun play and poisoning, and Sauro passed on to Zaj an ancient and powerful technique to create a certain type of slow-acting poison; this technique was known only to Howling Voice Guild members.

Zaj used this poison against the Latjke family, murdering both of Nash's parents with it. He further gained influence into the family by first becoming the tutor and later the fiancé of Julie Latkje, Nash's sister. Although Zaj and Nash had both been Sauro's students, Nash himself was unaware of Zaj's involvement with Sauro and the Howling Voice Guild and originally celebrated his sister's engagement to Zaj.

Around this time, Master Sauro passed on. When Nash looked at the objects that were left by his former master, and discovered a small diary that had been Sauro's. In this diary, Sauro wrote about Zaj's training, including teaching his pupil the Howling Voice Guild poison technique. Nash quickly deduced that Zaj was responsible for his parent's deaths, and was only using Julie in order to dominate the Latkje family.

Sauro's students fought on what was supposed to have become Zaj and Julie's wedding day, with Nash dealing Zaj what he thought was a fatal blow; Nash left his family's home in Crystal Valley and became part of the Harmonian Southern Frontier Defense Force, where he knew his background would not be questioned. Zaj however, was healed by the guild and spent the next several years attempting to have Nash killed, though Nash remained unaware of his existance until he met Zaj in Greenhill during a Harmonian Southern Frontier Defence Force assignment in SY 460. Nash and Zaj would eventually return to Crystal Valley, fighting an epic duel where Nash once more proved victorious.

Though he had long passed on, Sauro's legacy would continue to live on in his students, with Nash utilizing the skills during a long career with the Harmonian Southern Frontier Defense Force, and Clive becoming the current guild master of the Howling Voice guild.

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