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The Scarlet Moon Empire

The Scarlet Moon Empire (赤月帝国 Red Moon Empire), also known informally as Scarlet Moon, refers to the dominating nation in the Toran region from 230 to 457. Located in the southeast central region of the Northern Continent.

Its capital city was the city of Gregminster, located northeast of Lake Toran in the center of the nation. Scarlet Moon bordered the City-States of Jowston to the north, a number of unknown territories to the west, Kanakan via an ocean border to the southwest and territories of the former Kooluk Empire to the south.


Flag of Scarlet Moon

Scarlet Moon Empire flag

230: FoundationEdit

In the year 230, rumours of the death of Harmonian High Priest Hikusaak spread throughout the nation. Taking advantage of the chaos, Kranach Rugner, 'The Knight of the Scarlet Moon' led a coup in the Toran region of the Kingdom. Aided by strategist Julian Silverberg the Scarlet Moon Empire was formed in a bloodless coup. The Harmonian city of Rupanda was taken and renamed Gregminster. The Sovereign Rune, one of the True Runes in Harmonia's possession became the heirloom of the Rugner royal family. During this period, the region of Lorimar joined the Empire after decades of autonomy under Harmonia.

301-309: Struggles with KoolukEdit

Scarlet Moon first tended to consolidate the lands now under their control. However, before the year 300, tensions had risen with their southern neighbours, Kooluk. Kooluk and Scarlet Moon did not engage in open warfare but each engaged in schemes and stratagems against the other. Eventually, Scarlet Moon began to get the upper-hand over the declining Kooluk regime. In fact, by the year 300, Scarlet Moon dominated the affair so thoroughly that Scarlet Moon nobles would often ride into Kooluk territory to engage in what were known as 'human hunts'.

Once such incident led to tragedy in SY 299, however, when the nobles who had attacked a border village between the two nations were killed by the Rune of Punishment which was at the time bound to the son of a Scarlet Moon officer. The officer, Graham Cray fled the area and his superior, Elenor Silverberg was ousted from her position as Chief Strategist.

Open warfare finally began between the two nations in 307, when Scarlet Moon received word of Kooluk plans to invade the country. These plans however were merely a scheme by Elenor Silverberg, who was now serving the Island Nations Federation, in order to draw Kooluk attention away from the region.

347-407: Infrastructure and developmentEdit

Meanwhile, in Scarlet Moon itself, the Empire continued to consolidate its position, building Soniere Prison in the Kunan region in 347 to replace the aging Gaya Prison. This was followed by the completion of Scarleticia Castle in the same region in the year 370 as a frontline defense against Jowston.

As the threat of Kooluk waned, Scarlet Moon found itself occupied with a new enemy, this time from the north. Despite the large distance between the two nations created by the Badlands as well as the Karakas Desert, tensions rose between the two nations with disputes common. 407 saw the completion of Moravia Castle in the Senan region in order to offer Scarlet Moon additional protection. With the building of Forts Rakan and Duha as satellite fortress, the Senan region became practically impregnable to Jowston attacks.

With the Toran region seemingly secured under the banner of the Scarlet Moon Empire, it appeared that nothing could trouble the powerful nation at this point but it was the Empire itself that caused its first major disruption in decades.

446: War of SuccessionEdit

446 saw Crown Prince Barbarossa Rugner conducting the annual prayers of good harvest in the Kunan region. However, while he was away, his uncle, Geil Rugner, removed Barbarossa's right as heir to the throne through the "Abdication Trial". The idea to overthrow Barbarossa had been planned for a long time, as shown by the reallocation of Barbarossa's loyal generals to obscure positions before the trial. Due to this prior planning, the forces of Geil Rugner easily swept aside the Loyalist forces at first.

Barbarossa's forces regrouped at Pannu Yakuta Castle in the Great Forest region, which became the headquarters for Barbarossa's forces. Here, Kasim Hazil's army strategist, Mathiu Silverberg, suggested that they should to recruit his uncle, Leon Silverberg. Barbarossa quickly recruited Leon, and his forces started to beat back Geil's forces with Leon's tactical genius.

The Dragon Knights also helped Barbarossa's fight against Geil. Eventually, the armies of Barbarossa marched on Gregminster, confronting Geil Rugner's forces in a final battle at the Kwaba Fortress. Despite further schemeing to weaken Barbarossa's forces, Geil and his army were defeated and Geil himself was executed. The War of Succession came to an end and Barbarossa took the crown as Emperor of the Scarlet Moon Empire. However, the war caused a great scar that would lead to the Empire's undoing.

447: Kalekka and corruptionEdit

The following year, the forces of Tinto and South Window, members of the City-States of Jowston, invaded the Senan region, hoping to take advantage of the weakened Scarlet Moon in the wake of the Succession War. The Jowston forces advanced into Dana region, marching all the way to Kalekka. The Jowston army was eventually beaten off but it plunged the Empire into a protracted war mere months after their own civil war had finished.

Anti-war sentiment rose throughout the Empire which kept Barbarossa from being able to push all resources towards defending the region against Jowston. It was then that the Empire orchestrated the Kalekka Incident whereby the village of Kalekka would be sacked and the citizens massacred with the resulting blame being placed on Jowston. This, it was argued, would turn the sentiments of the people to pro-war. Objections were raised by many of Barbarossa Rugner's officers but Barbarossa, a changed man after his wife, Claudia, perished during the Succession War, agreed to the proposal. As planned, the incident filled the citizens of the Empire with a desire for vengeance and the result was the defeat of Jowston forces within Scarlet Moon territory.

Sometime after this, Windy, the Court Magician began to exert undue influence over Barbarossa. With Barbarossa infatuated with Windy's striking resemblance to Claudia and a disinterest in political affairs, the Scarlet Moon Empire began to descend into corruption. As the Empire became decadent and corrupt, the will of the people was choked out and suppressed.

453-457: Sedition, revolt and fallEdit

In 453, following the killing of her fiance Achilles for inciting revolt, Odessa Silverberg formed the Toran Liberation Army, hatching numerous sabotaging plots against the Empire. Those in the Imperial government took little notice of this fledgling force at first but by 455 anti-Imperial sentiment had grown to a point where a spy was sent to infiltrate the group. Revealing the location of the Liberation Army's headquarters at Lenankamp, Imperial forces sacked the base and killed Odessa Silverberg and with that it seemed as if the Liberation Army had been wiped out.

However, Tir McDohl, the son of Imperial General Teo McDohl, who had been compelled to hide with the rebel forces after being forced into exile by Windy's machinations, took up the mantle of leadership. Forming a new base at Lake Toran, the Liberation Army built up its forces and began a full-scale rebellion against the Empire. As region after region fell to the rebel forces, it was revealed that two of the Five Great Generals of the Empire had been placed under the influences of Windy's Black Runes. In fact, four of the Five Great Generals even joined the Liberation Army after they fell in battle, wishing to help show Barbarossa the error of his ways.

Following the collapse of the Scarlet Moon Empire, Tir McDohl was expected to take up the position as the first President of the Toran Republic. However, the young leader left the nation and so the position fell to prominent Liberation Army General Lepant.


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