A civil war in the Scarlet Moon Empire during the year 446. The war was contested between the Crown Prince, Barbarossa Rugner, and his uncle, Geil Rugner who had schemed to take the throne himself.

The war ended with the total defeat of Geil's forces at Kwaba Fortress and the sacking of Gregminster.

Usurpation of the ThroneEdit

Geil Rugner was the eldest son of Kranach Rugner, then-Emperor of the Scarlet Moon Empire. Despite this, however, Karnach's dying wish was that Michelan, Geil's younger brother, be chosen as the successor and Emperor, robbing Geil of what could be considered his rightful honour.

Geil was unhappy with this result but kept silent, taking advantage of Michelan's lack of political pull, gained influence with aristocrats and other notable persons of note. When Michelan Rugner died in 446, Geil convened a meeting of the Scarlet Moon House of Lords, issuing a decree that Crown Prince Barbarossa , Michelan's son, should have his right to the throne removed. The other aristocrats, influenced or blackmailed by Geil's henchmen, agreed and Barbarossa's right to the throne was removed. Thus, Geil became Emperor of the Scarlet Moon Empire.

This action began the Scarlet Moon Succession War.

Routing of BarbarossaEdit

Having planned extensively for this scheme with the Judiciary, Assam, all loyal generals of Barbarossa were away from Gregminster at the time of the Abdication Trial. Kasim Hazil was protecting the north, Milich Oppenheimer and Kwanda Rosman were protecting Barbarossa in Kunan, and Kilawher Shulen and Teo McDohl were fighting lake pirates (which were, in fact, hired by Geil himself).

With his loyal forces fractured, Geil was easily able to defeat any resistance from Barbarossa due to his own skilled generals including Bergen, Kreutz and the famed "Silver Armored" General Schmidt.

Eventually, Barbarossa was forced to flee and while escaping from Geil's forces his beloved wife, Claudia, was killed, causing much grief and heartache for the Crown Prince.

Regrouping and OffensiveEdit

Barbarossa's forces managed to regroup at Pannu Yakuta due to its seclusion and the castle became the temporary headquarters for Barbarossa's forces. Here, Kasim Hazil 's army strategist, Mathiu Silverberg, suggested that they should to recruit his uncle, Leon Silverberg. Wisely following the young Mathiu's advice, Barbarossa recruited Leon, and almost immediately his army began to turn the tide against Geil Rugner, thanks mostly to Leon's tactical genius.

During the war, other notable warriors join Barbarossa's forces, such as the famed Georg Prime, whose great skill allowed him to be included within the Six Great Generals. Furthermore, Pahn, one of Geil's officers, dueled with Teo McDohl and lost; afterward, he too joined Barbarossa's army. Even the usually neutral Dragon Knights were convinced to help Barbarossa's fight against Geil.

With such powerful momentum on their side, Teo was ordered to march toward Kwaba Fortress with his Armoured Cavalry. With victory, the way to Arlus and the capital, Gregminster would be clear, ensuring victory for Barbarossa.

Final SchemesEdit

With this seemingly unstoppable force heading straight for Gregminster, Assam came up with one final scheme. He had Teo's only son, Tir, kidnapped and held hostage and issued an ultimatium; either Teo would agree to fight with the armour removed from his Armoured Cavalry or Tir would be killed.

Gremio was sent to rescue Tir so that Teo could use his Armored Cavalry. With the help, Gremio's rescue attempt was successful and Teo recieved the news just prior to the battle, allowing him to fight at his best.

Supported by the cavalry forces of both Ain Gide and Cleo, the final battle of the Succession War took place at Kwaba. Ever loyal, Schmidt, pledging his loyalty to Geil, led a large army of cavalry, wearing his signature silver helmet and armor. However the result was never in doubt thanks to the power of the Armored Cavalry, Schmidt and Bergen were routed and killed by Teo's forces.

With the war won, Barbarossa's forces marched into the heavily damaged Gregminster. There, Geil Rugner was killed at Gregminster Palace by his nephew, finally securing Barbarossa's place as Emperor of the Scarlet Moon Empire.

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