Scarleticia, or Scarleticia Castle, (スカーレティシアの城) is a location in Suikoden. It is the castle occupied by General Milich Oppenheimer, who has placed giant poisonous roses outside the castle. The "Battle at Scarleticia Castle" takes place here.


Originally built to serve as a front line against an invasion by the City-States of Jowston in SY 370, its importance faded after Moravia Castle was built to assume the same function, and Scarleticia was adapted into the more ceremonial role of the traditional home of the generals assigned to the Kunan region. It has also become an important political center of southern Toran due to the safety of Scarleticia, second only to Gregminster in the entire country.

Scarleticia Castle saw an extensive redesign when General Milich Oppenheimer was assigned to govern it. Milich encouraged a pro-art reform, inviting many artists who resided in the Kunan region to redecorate the castle to Milich's taste and even offered artisans such as Ivanov and Kasios a place to reside within his castle. Milich also installed a gigantic, poisonous rose he nicknamed Antoinette, using the Black Rune given to him by Lady Windy to make it even more powerful. Antoinette was successful in defending the castle; during an invasion by the Liberation Army in the year 456, General Milich Oppenheimer used the flower to poison the rebels, forcing them to retreat. After receiving an antidote to the poison made by the great doctor Liukan, the Liberation Army resumed their attack on Scarleticia, this time overwhelming the imperial soldiers and taking control of the castle.

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