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Schmidt (シュミット, Shumitto) is a minor character who appears in the Genso Suikoden Short Stories Volume 1 story Oath of the Axe. An extremely loyal general of Geil Rugner, Schmidt fought for Geil during the Scarlet Moon Succession War before being routed by Teo McDohl's forces in a battle at Kwaba Fortress.


A general of the Scarlet Moon Empire, known famously as the "Silver Armored" General due to his distinctive armour, Schmidt was extremely loyal to Geil Rugner, the eldest son of Kranach Rugner. When Geil's younger brother, Michelan, passed away, Geil conspired to remove Barbarossa's right of succession so that he may usurp the throne. Schmidt supported Geil in this quest, and when the dispute between uncle and nephew turned into outright war, Schmidt pledged his loyalty to Geil.

At first, Schmidt and Geil's forces were able to easily crush any resistance from Barbarossa's fractured forces, as the judiciary Assam and Geil Rugner had planned to strike while Barbarossa's most powerful supporters were elsewhere. Eventually, the group forced Barbarossa himself to flee, an event that lead to the death of Barbarossa's wife, Claudia Rugner, a loss which Barbarossa would never recover from.

However, Barbarossa and his forces managed to survive, and regrouped at Pannu Yakuta. There, with the help of the strategies of Leon Silverberg and Mathiu Silverberg, the tide began to turn in the Crown Prince's failure. In an attempt to stop Barbarossa's forces from advancing further, Schmidt would meet Teo McDohl at Kwaba Fortress. Schmidt led a huge cavalry into battle wearing his famed silver armor and headpiece. Assam intended to help Schmidt and their master by kidnapping Teo McDohl's son and demanding that the Armoured Cavalry ride into battle with their armor removed; if they did not do this, Assam would kill Tir McDohl, Teo's only child. But this scheme would not come to pass; Gremio, a devoted servant of the McDohl household, managed to rescue Tir with the help of the street urchin Aige and send word back to Teo before the battle began.

With his mind eased by the news of the safety of his son, Teo McDohl lead his Armored Cavalry into battle with their armor intact and quickly gained an upper hand during the battle, and routed Schmidt's forces at Panna Yukata. Schmidt himself was also killed during this battle, which would prove to be the last stand for Geil Rugner's forces, as soon after Barbarossa marched into Gregminster, where he was to the execution of his uncle personally.

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