STac Location Secret Patriarchal Facility

The Secret Patriarchal Facility is a location in Suikoden Tactics. It is a hidden facility south of Graska designed and constructed by Iskas and his allies in the Patriarchal Faction is secret in order to conduct research and house the Evil Eye which Iskas was banking on to propel himself to the position of ruler of Kooluk.

The facility itself looks like a ruin on the outside, being built into a cliff-face much like the Collanbal Ruins. However, the inside is extremely sophisticated, containing even more refined technology than that of the Caleron Laboratory. The facility is designed to support the Evil Eye and seems to draw on its inherent runic power to provide energy.

Following the defeat of Iskas and the destruction of the Evil Eye by Kyril, the facility began to suffer from some form of a power overload which resulted in an explosion which destroyed the entire complex.