the Senan Region

Senan harsh, desert region, 70% of Senan is covered by the Karakas Desert, an extremely challenging desert no sane man or woman would attempt to pass through. Past the lengths of the Karakas desert, a great wall seperates the desert from the badlands beyond. The area is rumoured in legends to have been turned from a once-lush state into the desert and badlands during a duel between the ancient, powerful mages Crowley and Mazus, who blew away the mountains and reduced the region to it's current state. The area has a harsh climate, and literally no cities within it - only military personal may enter the region. As such, Senan has no trade, no industry and a very sparse population.

However, the region of Senan is extemely valuable due to its military attributes. It remains the frontline against the City-States of Jowston, the harsh conditions helping to defend against a possible invasion, along with several fortresses.


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