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Shoon is the Tentai Star in Suikoden V.



Shoon is from a poor family in a small village. In order to gain money to help his family, he voluntarily became a gladiator in Stormfist. After he became a gladiator, he served a tyrant master who blackmails him. He also told him that if he escaped, his family will be in danger. He is a big fan of Zegai.


Shoon has blond hair and blue eyes. He wears a red handband. He also wears red shorts and a white shirt. For his protection, he wears some pieces of leather armor: long leather gloves, a leathern chest protector and leather boots with extra leg guards.


Despite his young age, he has seen his fair share of suffering, because he is a gladiator in Stormfist. He is caring for his friends in the arena and shares their pain. He has a lot of respect for Ferid, since he changed the laws for gladiators for the better. He also respects Zegai and Belcoot for being such incredible fighters.



Before the Sun Rune War, Shoon first met Prince Freyjadour, when he heard a voice with an New Armes Kingdom accent at the back of the prison for the gladiators in Stormfist. He went out on the prison using a secret passage and followed Freyjadour Falenas secretly to ask for help, because he knew that Freyjadour was compassionate to gladiators.

After meeting Freyjadour, Shoon returned to his prison cell and Freyjadour kept their meeting a secret. When Freyjadour investigated upon the issue, he found out that the voices behind the cells are coming from an Armes soldier and Zegai. When Shoon followed Zegai, he found out that Zegai is from Armes and he was upset.

Shoon was amazed when he was chosen to fight Freyjadour in the opening ceremonial battle during the Sacred Games. After the battle he was updated by Freyjadour on the current condition of Zegai and was told that Zegai would not be executed.

During the Sun Rune War, when Freyjadour's Loyalist Army attacked Stormfist, Shoon used the secret passage and brought some of the gladiators with him and attacked the Godwin's Army to help them. After the Loyalist Army successfully took Stormfist, Shoon joined the Loyalist Army and stayed at their headquarter, the Ceras Lake Castle. He then helped and supported them until the war ended. After the war, he traveled from country to country, training over the entire course of the journey, on a mission to reunite his fellow gladiators.

Role in the Game

Joins automatically during the recapture of Stormfist.

Shoon is a solid choice for the frontline, if you actually invest some time and party SP into leveling him. His stats are okay and his magic defense is high enough to keep him out of problems with magic. He also has a good chance to multihit and his Fierce Tiger Rune, while not the best, is certainly useful sometimes.

Unfortunately, you get Shoon so late in the game, that there is almost no good opportunity to use him. After he got recruited, you can only use him in the retake of Sol-Falena and the Arshwal Mountain, which is like 5% of the game. Shoon doesn't bring enough power overall; choices like Belcoot and Richard are probably always better.

Therefore, Shoon is good enough to be leveled, but deciding if he's worth to be used in the final dungeon or not is completely your choice.

Default Equipment
Head -
Body Slave Garb
Hand -
Foot Sandals
Other 1 -
Other 2 -
Other 3 -
Other 4 -

Recommended Equipment
Head -
Body -
Hand -
Foot -
Other 1 -
Other 2 -
Other 3 -
Other 4 -

  • Head - Medium
  • Body - Chain
  • Hand - Medium
  • Foot - Medium

Character Statistics
HP 718
LVL 1 7
LVL 2 5
LVL 3 2
LVL 4 1
LVL 99 EXP 999
ATK 569 MAG 201
PDF 91 MDF 284
TEC 498 ACC 498
EVA 316 SPD 495
LCK 191

Weapon Type: Knuckles
Weapon Range: S
Weapon Starting Level: 1

Weapon Growth
Name Talons Crazed Claw Gold Claw
Level 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16
Strength 10 20 35 50 75 90 110 125 140 160 170 180 190 210 230 250

Shoon can participate in Crowd Favorites, Speak with Fists, and Teen Rebellion.

Character Skills
Name Max Rank
Stamina B
Attack A
Defense A
Technique A
Vitality A
Agility A

Character Skills
Name Max Rank
Magic D
Magic Defense B
Incantation A

Character Skills
Name Max Rank
Karmic Effect A
Triple Harmony A
All Out Strike A

Shoon can lead either an infantry unit on land or a combat ship at sea. He grants the infantry unit one shot of the Charge skill.

  1. Shoon is good at kung fu, as you saw when you faced him in the Sacred Games´ opening ceremony. No more gladiator games for him, though -- he´s free now.
  2. His hometown´s so small and remote that it´s not on the map. To support his poor family, he volunteered as a gladiator -- as a boy, mind you. But now that the Godwins have lost their grip on his village, he´s free to do what he wants.
  3. He gets along well with Nikea. Makes sense -- they´re both martial artists. They like to spar together.

  • The Guys I work Under

Zegai, Belcoot... All those guys I work under are amazing people. And I've only gotten to work for them because of my time as a gladiator. When I think about it that way, I guess being a gladiator wasn't such a bad thing.

  • The Man in the Underground Passage
Egbert, was it? I certainly never expected to run into him again here at your castle, Your Highness.


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