"Every lie contains truth, and every truth contains a lie... remember that."

Shu is the Tenki Star in Suikoden II.
He is also the chief strategist of the New State Army.

Profile[edit | edit source]

Background[edit | edit source]

Alongside Apple, Shu was a student of Mathiu Silverberg and studied military strategy extensively through childhood. Though Mathiu saw Shu had great potential, he expelled his young student when he discovered Shu was using his knowledge for personal gain. Though incredibly ruthless, his perspective on war and strategy gradually changes throughout the course of the war, from believing that soldiers are pawns to one where he realizes it is necessary for him to risk his life if it means victory.

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Personality[edit | edit source]

Story[edit | edit source]

Game[edit | edit source]

After his expulsion, Shu became a merchant in Radat, using his uncanny grasp of movements in the world to become wealthy and successful. During the Dunan Unification War, he is approached by the members of the New State Army to join them; he eventually agrees thanks to the persistence of Apple and Riou.

Shu is able to shape the Dunan forces into a satisfactory army and is able to score victories against the Highland Army as well as obtain an alliance with the nearby Toran Republic. However, his plans are disrupted when Leon Silverberg suddenly sides with the Highland Army. Leon, however, chooses to give away key information concerning Luca Blight's plans for a night raid, which brings about Luca's death and Jillia's ascension to the Highland throne and Jowy succeeding Luca as commander of the Highland forces.

Following the war, he becomes the Chancellor of Dunan until Riou's return. He eventually retires and returns during the Higheast Rebellion to plan a plot to cause internal discord in Harmonia so that it withdraws from the Highland.

Role in the Game[edit | edit source]

Shu joins automatically in Radat.

Shu is the strongest support character in the war tactics and can always be sided with Riou and Nanami despite he's a strategist to the group. He has both critical and evade skill to dispatch the enemies in offense and defense unlike other Riou's comrades have a single critical or evade skill to dispatch foes. He can be ally with any of Riou's group with this ability if Riou is sided with other characters in the war tactics. He has two quotes when he uses either both Critical or Evade skill. When he uses critical skill he will say, "Victory is in sight! Everyone advance!" When he uses evade skill he will say, "Now you'll see why I was Mathiu's favorite student!"

  • Critical - Chance of doing 2x damage.
  • Evade - Chance of evading damage.


"It shouldn't end like this..."*
*Present in the game's coding, but not used.

Name: Shu
Age: 26
From: Unknown
Position: Army strategist
Note: None

"With Shu's 'Critical' ability, a successful hit in war sometimes causes double damage to the enemy unit."

"Shu studied military tactics under Mathiu, but he was expelled for using his knowledge for selfish gain. He never saw Mathiu again after that day."

"He thinks of Apple like a little sister. But he's such a cool customer, he never lets his true feelings show."


"The bright young strategist of Dunan Army is a man who appreciates good Chinese food! It's Lord Shu!!!"

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