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Sierra Mikain

"It is quite easy to throw your own life away... However, you must think of all that will mourn if you do!!!"

Sierra Mikain is the Tenei Star in Suikoden II.
She also appears in Genso Suikogaiden Vol. 1.



She is a mysterious young woman who is encountered by the party while traveling by her lonesome. She wields the Moon Rune, one of the 27 True Runes. She's also known as the Coven Mistress.

Not much is known about Sierra before she received the Moon Rune. No one knows how she came to possess it but she received its power over 800 years ago. After being possessed by the Moon Rune, Sierra took the lives of many people due to the Moon Rune's dark desire to draw blood.

In order to escape this curse, Sierra retreated deep into a forest, where she found an abandoned cottage. She spent decades living in that cottage until a young knight wandered to her cottage, mortally wounded. The knight uttered words of remorse for being unable to protect his liege as he slowly died. Sierra took pity on the young, handsome knight, Rean Penenberg, and gave him the curse of immortality. Rean left Sierra for a while to avenge the death of his liege, but came back to spend centuries together with Sierra. The time they spent together was the best time for Sierra.

After a while, people would enter the forest to end their lives by Sierra's merciful fangs and the vampiric Blue Moon Village was founded. The village prospered for centuries with the power of the Moon Rune radiating from a central altar, allowing vampires to live on without feasting on blood. However, the Moon Rune was stolen by Neclord, a new member of the village. This led to the death of many villagers who had lost the protection of the Moon Rune.

Some of the vampires escaped to continue their existence while feasting on the living. Rean was one of them. Sierra was immune from this due to her being the coven mistress, but was devastated by the death of her long time friends. Yet, she was still determined to stop the renegade vampires from causing suffering to humans and thus she became a vampire hunter herself.



As described by Kahn Marley, Sierra has a difficult personality, so she mustn't be angered.

Even if she was once a human herself, Sierra views humans as beings lower than vampires but once a human is able to impress her, Sierra would compliment that person and ask that person's name. When Riou defeated her in battle, she asked his name and exclaimed he is a brave kid and is quite good for a human. In Klaus Windamier's case, they just spoke for a while but Klaus immediately caught the interest of Sierra. Sierra would often be seen staying in Klaus' room.


Genso Suikogaiden Vol. 1

After hundreds of years, she was asked by a Harmonian swordsman, Nash Latkje, to help him find information on True Runes. She joined him for no particular reason, or so it may have seemed. She was actually trying to get to Rean Penenberg's manor near the Jowston-Highland Border. Once at the manor, she was allowed to enter, but Rean did not show himself at all. That night, zombies attacked Sierra and Nash, along with the butler and maid who were both vampires themselves, obviously created by Rean. Sierra lets Nash defeat them all while conserving her power for her confrontation with Rean. During the confrontation with Rean, Rean subtly manipulates Sierra by acting like he is naive. Sierra takes pity in his confusion and gets close to him to stab him and cast the song of evanescence. However, Rean was waiting for her to get close enough to allow him to suck her blood, which gave him great power. Nash tried his best to fight against Rean, but it became quickly apparent that there was no chance he could win, so he allowed Sierra to suck his blood so she could regain her strength. This gave Sierra enough power to destroy Rean outright. After that, she parted ways with Nash and headed towards Tinto after sensing Neclord's presence.

Suikoden II

At Tinto, she slept in the Drakemouth Village Inn for a long time maybe out of exhaustion. However, her rest was disturbed by the outraging villagers blaming her for the attack of the vampires and zombies. Still drowsy, she remained silent while the villagers surrounded her with complaints. Kahn Marley and Riou arrived at the scenery. Sierra broke her silence when two of the villagers called her hussy and pale faced woman. Viktor tried to defend her but calls her a little girl. Enraged, she shouts at everyone and unleashes a bolt of lighting that scares away the villagers. She was successfully convinced by Kahn to join forces against Neclord, and with the combined effort of Viktor, Kahn, and Sierra, Neclord was destroyed. After that, Sierra decided to stick with the Dunan Forces for a bit.

Post Dunan Unification War

After the war, instead of going back to the Blue Moon Village, she chose to stay and live along with humans.


See: Sierra (Boss)

Role in the Game

Sierra joins automatically after defeating Neclord.

Weapon Type: Claws
Weapon Range: S
Weapon Starting Level: 10

Weapon Growth
Name Moon Half Moon Full Moon
Level 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16
Strength 7 8 9 10 39 42 45 48 51 53 110 114 118 124 130 135

Darkness Rune and Lightning Rune

Or Double Strike Rune and Fury Rune for the Servant Attack

Default Equipment
Helmet Circlet
Armor Magic Robe
Shield [none]
Other 1 Tomato Juice (x6)
Other 2 Magic Ring
Other 3 -

Recommended Equipment
Helmet -
Armor -
Shield [none]
Other 1 -
Other 2 -
Other 3 -

Sierra can participate in the Servant Attack.

Name: Sierra
Age: Unknown
From: Blue Moon Village
Position: Special Forces

Note: Inheritor of the "Moon Rune".

With the power of the 'Moon Rune', the vampiress Sierra was able to become founder of an entire coven of lesser vampires.

Although vampires live much longer than humans, even they die sometime. All of them except for the coven mistress, Sierra, that is....

Sounds like she's got no plans to go back to her village right away. There's no one left alive there anyway...only the undead.

I still do not fully understand you mortals. But I enjoy that wine your friend Viktor sometimes brings to me when he is lonely...

A cute young girl on the outside, and an ancient old crone on the inside!!! This vampire likes to eat her veggies. It's Sierra!!!

Sierra: You, you shall pay dearly for that.....


  • The name of Sierra means:
    • In Irish the meaning of the name Sierra is: Dark.
    • In Spanish, Sierra means "mountain" or "saw".
  • Sierra is the only 108 Star of Destiny in Suikoden II that could be fought as a Boss (Not by Duelling)
  • Although she retrieved the Moon Rune from Neclord, it is unusable for battle.
  • When you bring Sierra to recruit Sigfried the holy maiden ritual rejects Sierra. Sigfried says it was a mistake and flees.
  • It has been speculated that Sierra may have married Nash Latkje following the events of Suikoden II. This is further alluded to in Suikoden III, particularly when Nash is placed in a play about Neclord and he utters some familiar choice words about the Coven Mistress.
  • Another theory is that Sierra married Klaus Windamier because she showed so much interest in him and probably remained because of him.
  • Along with Genoh, she is one of the oldest known Suikoden characters.
  • Sierra's bat form could be seen once again when she faints during battle or when she is sleeping in the graveyard.


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