The Sindar are a mysterious, ancient race known for their advanced knowledge of runes.

Legend of the SindarEdit

The Sindar were supposedly cursed by the Rune of Change, borne by their leader upon his/her forehead, forcing them to move from place to place. They journeyed from the north to the south, leaving ruins behind in every corners of the land.

Beyond the many traps set within the Sindar ruins may rest great wealth and knowledge. These ruins are said to be extremely dangerous with few having returned from their investigations.

In addition, though not said to be of Sindarian origin, it is said that the power of runes originated in times before humanity was present, making it possible that the power of the runes were first harnessed by the Sindar.


The Sindar arrived in Falena centuries after the fall of the Ancient Armes Dynasty. As on the Northern Continent, many ruins were left behind, further showcasing their technology, far in advance of anything the world has to offer at the present time.

After the fall of the Ancient Armes Dynasty, it appears that the Sindar gained the power of the Sun Rune and used it to return the rich, green lushness to the land.

Toran RepublicEdit

The Pannu Yakuta, was built on top of a ruins, that is said to be Sindarian.


Upon reaching the White Deer Inn, Riou, Jowy and the party meet Alex, Hilda and their son Pete. To the right of the inn, there is a mysterious door that belongs to a Sindar ruins, It is said that there is a precious treasure at the end of the ruins. The ruins itself runs very much like a maze, it's filled with sluice gates, relics that act as keys and very strange monsters, such as Nightmare a living card creature. Upon reaching the end of the ruins, a two headed snake monster is guarding the treasure, which ends up being a special herb that can heal just about anything.


There are a few Sindar ruins in the Grasslands, that being the Ancient Highway, Cyndar Ruins, and the Ceremonial Site. The Ancient Highway is a long path that can get one across to point A and B, it also leads to the Cyndar Ruins, which is a big maze that once hid the True Water Rune. The Ceremonial Site is a large ruin that is supposed to allow a person to hold more than one True Rune.

Notable SindarEdit

Some theories proposed by Falenan scholars suggests that despite the disappearance of the Sindar, the race is not extinct, speculating that the first Queen of Falena, who descended to Lunas with the Sun Rune in hand, was actually from the Sindar race.

The apparent similarities between the seal statue of the Sun Rune and ancient Sindar relics has been cited as evidence for this theory.

Notable Sindar, such as the engineer Dennis Taurer and Bora Atkins created the discipline of alchemy, which led to other technical disciplines such as blacksmithing, trickmastery, and gunpowder manufacturing. They are commonly believed to have disappeared without a trace, but some say they have found their "Eternal City."

The Sindar had their own language, termed Sindar Script. It was a substitution cipher of 26 letters.

Jeane, Viki, and Lorelai are thought to be Sindar though there is no solid proof. Jeane is thought to be one due to her agelessness and the fact you retrieve something that belongs to her from Sindar ruins in Suikoden V. Viki is assumed one due to her time abilities and how her origins are shrouded in mystery. Lorelai even hinted at being Sindar in Suikoden V through her letters to the prince and how she always tags along to Sindar ruins. Some theorize she follows Zweig either trying to stop him from discovering her people's secrets, or to discover the secrets she has not learned regarding her lineage.


  • In Suikoden III, the localization team for the game changed Sindar to Cyndar. When localization work started on the fifth numbered game, the localization team for Suikoden V (none of which were on the localization team from Suikoden III) decided to revert back to the previous spelling of Sindar.
  • The Sindar are possibly named as a reference to the Sindar lineage of elves in J.R.R Tolkien's Lord of the Rings universe. The Sindar have traits in common with Lord of the Rings elves, such as being ancient and powerful with magic, their wandering nature and many of their numbers traveling to a mysterious land (the Undying Lands)
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