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For the location with a similar name in Suikoden III, see Cyndar Ruins.

The Sindar Ruins are a location in Suikoden II.


The Sindar Ruins are located directly behind the White Deer Inn, owned by both Alex and Hilda. It's location is south-east of Muse City. The ruins, build by a mysterious race of people known as the Sindars, are rather large and maze like, with many doors that are opened by shaped blocks; and a water channel which can also be controlled by these blocks.


Alex is a treasure hunter, who is obsessed with finding the "treasure" that these ruins hold; totally convinced that there is a great treasure inside. He first tries to convince the people of Muse to send out a treasure hunting party with him, but, he is rejected and sent home with no help. Upon arriving home, he discovers some guests who have just arrived, and they appear to be strong enough to help him. Riou and his group turn out to be these guests, and Nanami, one of the group's members, realizes Alex has some passes to get into Muse and offers to help in exchange for those passes.


Sindar Ruin Gate 1 the first moment.JPG

The White Deer Inn is outside the ruins, but, there is also a small path covered in debris and pillars. This path leads to a large door, which is originally sealed shut. Jowy actually knows some Sindar prior to studying at his house, and is able to open the doors to the ruin!


The ruins have several levels, including a water channel and many bridges leading in many which ways. Many exiting treasure's can be found inside, however, including some runes and rare items. Puzzle's within the ruins require certain shaped blocks to be placed into matching spaces on the walls, in order to open some doors. There is also two rooms opened by moving snake statue's onto switches. In terms of the game's puzzle's, this ruin has the most. There is also a room in the south entrance area that does not open until after the Ruins boss is defeated, so it's good to come back after beating the ruins once.


The following items can be found inside the ruins within Chests!

Special Items


Riou, Alex and co were not to surprised to find monsters wandering around an old ruin like this, however, some of the monsters within were quite absurd and far in number! Below is a list of the monsters found.

Ruins Guardian


Upon defeating the ruins puzzle's and finding their way to the final chamber, the group finds a large tablet with a question, "what is most precious to you?" no matter the answer Riou gives; the treasure remains the same. After this, the final door to the final chamber unlocks.

Riou's group is challenged by the ruins guardian, the Double Head, a large two headed snake!

This boss fight is rather difficult early on if one hasn't been leveling or grinding a bit, as it has many attacks which hit the entire party, and has a lot of health.

After defeating the Ruins Guardian, however, the group are finally are treated to a treasure chest atop a large staircase. Thinking this is going to be a great hull of treasure, Alex quickly opens it up. Inside is a single Medicinal Herb. Disappointed, the group leave the ruins.

Outside, Alex kicks aside the "pointless" treasure and heads home with the rest of the group. Shockingly, when they arrive they find Hilda passed out on the floor with a horrible fever. With no doctor's nearby, and seemingly no cure, Alex looses hope. Riou, however, manages to recall the Medicinal Herb from the ruins, and quickly runs outside to bring it back. Nanami creates a medicine from it, and gives it to Hilda, who is miraculously cured by it! It seems the real treasure the ruins is trying to convey, is family and friends, not gold or jewels,

After this heart warming scene, Alex gives the group their passes as promised.


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